A Larger-Than-Life Multi Touch Experience That Will Blow Your Customers Away

It’s not all about creating WOW-effects. You’ve gotta deliver some kind of value too. And this must be one of the better way can you deliver both of those qualities in a physical space.

Imagine what this would do for Swedish tourism if it was installed in any airport in the world showcasing our beautiful country. Imagine what it would do for a fashion brand if installed at the next fashion show letting people explore the behind the scenes, talk to the designers etc etc. Imagine what it would do for any brand if placed at any coming business fair. Get this one geared up with some online community functionality and you’ll have people peeing their pants!
Infosthetics got me turned on this evening when they pointed me to Sensory Minds and their work. Ah, while you’re at it. Make sure you check out some of their other interfaces on vimeo – rockin´



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