adidas +10 Recruitment

A massive global campaign where stars around the world search for football players to join their teams. Visitors to the website are given the chance to be recruited and send an attached movie/image showing that they have what it takes be recruited to a team.
To create a personal site that captures and encompasses the magnitude and complexity of the global Recruitment campaign.
A dynamic site that presents visitors with their local player pairings in all global markets. The user encounters a personal greeting from the local star player who requires their help against the team’s rival. Streamed movies describe what each star is looking for in the different team players, and TV Commercials showing the global recruitment and match movies from all corners of the world further displays what the Recruitment event is all about. The team trial events and their massive star quality is localised yet placed in a greater global context.
A cool, dynamic, and personal site that makes users experience a massive global football campaign equally relevant regardless of which market they are situated in. Local stars increase the value and gain maximum user participation through a simple and personal registration process where the stars are requesting the players’ specific help. By becoming a team player with the +10 Recruitment campaign – this is no longer just a dream.
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