Broadband + Slideshare + Usability = I love you

Wow. Finally back online at home after 8 weeks of surfing the net on a mobile broadband connection. And even though that works ok it doesn’t compare to 24mbit.
I’ll celebrate my “homecoming” with sharing one of my favorite sources of inspiration – If you haven’t visited that site yet you’ve defentely missed out on something. Slideshare is like YouTube or Flickr only you share Slideshows instead. The site got all the social functionality and most slideshows can be downloaded as PDF’s. This site is a goldmine if you wanna dig deep into some Web 2.0, marketing lingo, advertising strategies or maybe just know more about frogs or something.
Last week I spent some time browsing for good knowledge on usability and user interface design when I ran into this fantastic slideshow created by Garret Dimon. 

The cool thing is once I had downloaded and read this presentation I wondered who this Garret Dimon was and found his website. Bam! Another great resource. Booked that one into my Netvibes account and started to follow his blog. And then yesterday he wrote a piece on Get Satisfaction a new site that provides “people-powered customer service” and suddenly – Bam! A great idea.
This is how social networking works. You start the day in one place and end up in another. I hope you did!
(by the way, check out the presentation I did in Livigno.)