Google SketchUp made us buy a new house

Me and my girlfriend bought a house yesterday in Täby, Sweden. And it was Google SketchUp that forced us.
The house looked kind of boring on Hemnet (a site where you browse for objects) but it was in our price range. So, what the heck, we’ll go there and take a look.
Once there, the house looked more promising than we thought. But it needed some constructional make over. Said and done. With the blueprint in hand I spent some hours in SketchUp visualizing me and my girlfriends ideas. After that we saw the potential clearly. SketchUp, is a 3D software made for dummies. Lightwave and Cinema4D could also have done the job, but if you’re building simple things in 3D then nothing is easier than SketchUp.
3D visualisation with SketchUp
Conclusion. Google SketchUp is for everyone who want to visualize 3 dimensional ideas. The only thing you should worry about is that it might put you in debt some day.
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