He's hot that Banksy! But how Internet makes this art accessible to all of us is even hotter!

You all have heard of Banksy I’m sure. The other day I found some movies of him(them?) making art in Palestine.

This is so cool. Imagine how hard it would be for a commercial TV station to get hold of Banksy and get him in front of camera. And how hard wouldn’t it be for BBC, CNN or any other TV network to tag along in Palestine while Banksy is secretly putting his art on the wall between Israel and Palestine.
But Internet, in this case YouTube put’s Banksy in control. And suddenly we have a TV show where Banksy takes us along and invites us to his most secret and forbidden way of performing art that puts focus on political and humanitarian issues. On top of that the ruling TV networks has got news for free. Imagine this before YouTube…
This is why I love Internet.



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