Implement "Ideastorms" on any company

Some companies get it, some don’t but now at least it’s easier for you to do something about it.
Dell hosts this fantastic site called Ideastorm where they invite everyone to be involved in their products and services development. The site allows anyone of us to post ideas, then the community (including you) can have a say if an idea should be promoted or not. The management (yes, the real management) then evaluate the ideas from Ideastorm every month and on top of that even give feedback which ideas the might develop.
This qoute from last weeks evaluation meeting illustrates the power of the community:
“This has been a busy couple of weeks!  We had almost 250 ideas submitted and more than 225 new IdeaStorm users in the past two weeks.  It’s great to see Dave (davnmc) and Petzy again in StormRoom and badblood back on the site!  A special welcome to a few new IdeaStormers natakuc4idangold and inkslug!”

So how can you get going with your company?

That’s where Kindling comes in.
Kindling is this new Web 2.0 service where every company (even yours) out there can do exactly what Dell is doing.
Straight from their own site: Kindling is a place where companies, organizations, and small groups can share and collaborate. Kindling cultivates ideas from the ground up and believes that everyone in a group has something valuable to say, from the interns to the CEO. 
So if you’re one of those people sitting on a management level thinking: Wow, this collaboration, social media, community, consumer involvement, interaction…thing seems fantastic, but it’s to much of a hassle to get going – get your but over to Kindling, request an Invitation and start now!