The summer of 2009 is coming to an end. Let's meet this autumn!

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a great summer. Most of the time I’ve been spending time with my kids but I’ve managed to sneak in some golf, sailing with my Hobie Cat, boat riding in the Archipelago, BBQ with friends and family and above all – time off. In order for creativity to grow you’ve gotta mix up thinking time with black holes.
Linn och Ebba. My beloved ice cream junkies enjoying the Swedish summer.
Summer however is coming to an end and I’m slowly am firing up my engine. Once that engine is started I do hope we meet – who ever you are.
This autumn I’ll continue to deliver my services to a diverse group of brands and companies that has asked my help in order to create advertising campaigns and strategies that moves their brands and businesses into the future.
My work includes everything from re-branding, art direction, jury-work, integrated advertising campaigns, online strategies, business developments and creative ideas to different agencies worldwide etc.
The next couple of months I’ll tell you more about some of my ‘gigs‘ but for now let’s focus on my speaking appearances.

During the fall you can catch me, Johan Ronnestam, at one of my speaking appearances:

8 & 16 September: Malmö & Göteborg
Keynote speaker – IDG Internetworld Webbdagarna


Webbdagarna is one of Swedens most important events for anyone with an interest of doing business online. That would more or less really mean anyone! Before the summer I was asked the question to deliver the keynote that would kick the event off. Without a blink I accepted.

5 October: Stockholm
Berghs School of Communication
– An introduction to tomorrows advertising

This School is considered the worlds best school of advertising. Meeting the students, eager to learn, is one of my most important and enjoyable assignments of the year. See you there if you’re a student that is!

8 October: Stockholm
The NEXT Event by Wednesday Relations directed by Johan Ronnestam
– Director and moderator


This is one of the highlights of the year. Wednesday Relations asked me to direct an event for them. The list of speakers is turning this event in to a must see event this year. I’ll be moderating the event together with Wednesday Relations and also introduce and end the day.

13 October: Uppsala
Handelns Dag
– Svensk Handel / Swedish Trade Federation

If you’re in retailing you can be sure of one thing – the competition is coming from online businesses, not offline. This is probably why I’m one of the speakers at Handelns Dag 2009 in Uppsala.

20 October: Stockholm
Läkemedelskongressen 2009
– Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sweden is just about to release the monopoly on running a pharmacy. As a result of this I’ve been invited to talk about digital communication and social media at this years Läkemedelskongressen at the City Conference Centre in Stockholm.

21 October: Tammsvik
Future Brand Academy Seminar – More information coming soon.

The Future Brand Academy is an exiting cooperation I have together with Göran Adlen. We will present more information soon. Until then, hang on to the 21 October in your calendars.

3 November: Stockholm
Successful E-business
– Svensk Handel / Swedish Trade Federation

What’s the latest trends within e-business. How should you use social media to market your online presences. What about integrated communication. How can you innovate your business. These are some of the areas I’ll cover when Svensk Handel is arraning a full day focused on E-Business.

25 November: Stockholm
Keynote speaker – Webbstrategidagarna / Online strategy

Soon Christmas. But before then I’ll hopefully enlighten a group of people aiming to strenghten their sense for online strategy at Webbstrategidagarna (Online strategy days)
So, that’s the schedule right now. Keep an eye for updates. Of course I do hope that if you have a seminar, an offsite or just need to enlighten a group of people you get in touch and maybe I can inspire or enlighten your brand too.