Joost launched for iPhone but they've stopped 3G watching for now.

Today I installed the new Joost iPhone app released this friday. I’m amazed beyond explanation. This single app will change mobile TV. It’s the first application for a mobile that lets you watch full length movies. And you get to choose from any of Joosts +46000 videos.
What strikes me is the fact that my iPhone is slowly turning into a wireless remote/tv unit. I have the channels (read apps) YouTube and Swedish Aftonbladet to choose from. And as of today I’ve added Joost. You can be sure that Hulu, Vimeo, Blip and the others will follow. Swedish SVT should have something coming up any day now. If you get the Apple Component AV Cable then soon you won’t need a DVD since everything will be accessible via your iPhone.
This also turn things up side down for the entire hotel industry that makes shit loads of money of in-room entertainment. Bring your cables and you got your full set of personalized entertainment in your pocket.
Another consequence might actually be that TV commercials strikes back. Think of it. iPhone makes it possible to geo position advertising. In other words, TVC’s can be better and more relevant than ever. Since the content is sent via IP then we can also know exactly how many people are really watching the TVC. Finally use the stabilizer in the phone to recognize if people are dropping the phone in any way while the TVC is on and you’ll know if people actually is watching. No room for strange measurements here. If we stand seeing it in our mobile, that’s another questions though.
Right now Joost has disabled 3G or Edge. You need a Wireless internet connection to view the content. The Joost people cannot be that stupid so this will of course be taken away in the next update.
Apart from that its fantastic! Joost is back!