Kidomatic – The Friendly Camera. JAJDO's latest app for those of us called kids

Yesterday was a big day for JAJDO, the mobile app company I’ve founded with Jonas Theder and Andreas Wålm. We successfully launched our next app, or actually we launched another five apps at once. The new app is called Kidomatic and it’s a camera app made for the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. The Kidomatic camera features a playful and easy-to-use interface made for kids, teens and grown-up’s who refuse to stop calling themselves kids.

The app is free to download and then features another four fully functional apps inside the app itself. We’ve been trying out different strategies and following recommendations from Apple we now decided to move the purchase of other four apps into the Kidomatic. The Kidomatic app is free to download and the other ones are $1.99 a piece. That’s a fully functional app for the cost of a chewing gum!
We hope you have lots of fun with the Kidomatic Friendly Camera!