List bonanza – 52 Creative Ideas for Finding New Clients

December is obviously the month of lists. They keep coming in from everywhere.
This morning I got a mail to my Whiskyblog. The tip was regarding “50 Drinks Perfect For Every Conceivable Situation”.
However as I browsed through their site I found an even more interesting list called “52 Creative Ideas for Finding New Clients”
The post says:“Fighting for and retaining clients against your competition can be a struggle, just like recruiting new employees or searching for a job yourself is a frustrating battle. With this list, we want to help you take a step back from the front lines and get a little creative.”
The list covers the following subjects:
– Online Tools and Resources
– For Freelancers
– Marketing Strategies
– Networking Ideas- Guides
– Get Involved
(Notable, it’s a list produced by a company that behind their blog sells nusiness credit cards. Nice way of creating buzz around your brand)
Read the full list here