My predictions for 2008

ReadWriteWeb wrote an interesting post about their 2008 web predictions and urged others to do the same.

So, here I go. I could write about 40…but I’ll keep it short…and the order of the predictions does not have any importance for when and if they will occur
1. CSS replaces Flash in online campaign sites (and other sites as well)
We’ll see less and less heavy loading flash sites and they will be replaced with advanced CSS animations combined with video & sound. Flash will stay there, but for Video & Sound.?
2. The year of usability
Finally clients (since I’m a consultant) will understand the value of usability…and they will be willing to pay for it. No more design without know that the visitors to the sites actually understand what we’re building. ?
3. They year of strategy?
Less and less things will go online as branding tools unless it’s a part of an overall strategy.
2008 will (hopefully) be the year when companies stopped ordering things because someone else did it and instead go within their own brand and, with the help of people who knows more about the web, put things online that truly support their brand and business idea?
4. Apple penetrates the TV Screen market
The timing is right. Apple launched AppleTV, but hey, that’s a VERY crippled TV. Putting Apple Mini inside a 42” LCD HD TV on the other side, that’s the shit. I’ll buy one now!?
5. Web Office Applications will kick off
As the ordinary consumer finds out about Google Docs and it’s competitors...I cannot see why someone will pay for this stuff.
The business consumers on the other hand will stay with Microsoft Office and Iwork for a while. As long as the strategy here is to do what Apple does with Iwork, slowly turning it into a strong graphical office software they won’t have to be afraid for quite some time.?
6. Adobe buys Cinema 4D from Maxon
A truly innovative 3D software within the Adobe Creative Suite will make it complete. And Cinema 4D is the one that has the most simplistic user interface combined with a powerful output. And it’s getting more and more recognition within the pro segment.
Adobe! Buy it!?
7. Facebook starts to die
Up like a rocket down like a…well, my english isn’t good enough. The broad base of consumers will stay for a year or two. But, the early adapters will start to leave or at least go quiet. We’re all looking for the next thing…where is it??
8. The year of segmentation
We’ll see more applications than ever targeted towards specific audiences. Take Twitter for example. In 2008 I would be surprised if no one launched an American Football Twitter. There are consumer segments out there that have more use for these applications than anyone, and they’re willing to pay for it. ??Some of you may say it’s already happened. I think we’ll see another level of segmentation.
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