Neil French. A great copywriter….and guide to the world.

Neil French for Kaminomoto
Neil French is the shit. He’s definitely one of the great copywriters out there. They way he solves complexed problems is a great source of inspiration for me. Thanks Per for introducing me to him years ago.
This post is not about his work though.
While browsing through his site this morning I found that he had added a new navigation button to his homepage. It’s called favourites.
This is a gold mine (if you belive that Neil French has taste that is…) Neil has listed his favourite hotels, restaurants, books, movies, music, writers and matadors. The favourite section on his site is all about sharing. Apart from straight up recommendations there are short stories here and there where Neils tone of voice really shines through.
An example from the restaurant section: “Incidentally, this may be the perfect place for French’s First Restaurant-Rule: NEVER send food back. I’ve worked in restaurant kitchens, and they’re worse than all the myths would have you believe. If it comes to that point, just walk out, leave your business card and tell them to send the bill if they dare.(They won’t). And never, ever, go back.”
Personally I’ve tried some of his recommendations. And the favorites are absolutely valid and worth listening to.