Poladroid brings back the Polaroid memories

My first Polaroid with Poladroid
If you’re looking to have more than 300000 download a little application of yours. What do you do? Easy. You create a desktop application that allows people to drop their Jpegs onto a little Polaroid camera hovering on your desktop. Then you let people, just like in the old days, wait for the actual photo to be developed. Once ready its a 400dpi “polaroid” photo that can be printed or uploaded automatically to your Flickr account.

Paul Ladroid (can it really be this good) is the man behind this simple yet genius idea.
And the stats are impressive. In just 4 weeks the site have had 390000 unique visitors, more than 340000 downloads of the software (and it’s only available so far for Mac) and 250000 incoming links.
This is exactly what creativity is all about. Something old + Something new = Innovation + Success.