Prediction nr 6 for 2012 seems to become reality sooner than later as Google announces their mobile OS

Last week I spoke at Daytona Sessions about what would shape digital communication of tomorrow. I suggested 10 things. Nr 6 was my prediction about mobile phones. Basically my whole point was that Apple, Microsoft and Google would take the market leader position as phones will no longer be phones but instead mobile computers that you can call with. And running on those mobile computers will be Vista, OSX and probably Google OS.
Well, time flies and one week after Google announces their OS, The Android, for mobile handsets. And it of course is an open architecture.
The Android platform will be made available under one of the most progressive, developer-friendly open-source licenses, which gives mobile operators and device manufacturers significant freedom and flexibility to design products. Next week the Alliance will release an early access software development kit to provide developers with the tools necessary to create innovative and compelling applications for the platform.
Here’s a first clip about The Android