RFID, the next big thing in products…eh…houses…everywhere!

If you yet haven’t heard about RFID you better click that word now cause in a couple of years you’ll be walking in boots that will either kick you out of the bar or let you pass the queuing crowd. That and what ever you can think of is what RFID will be used for. Wired got a pretty darn cool top 10 list of best uses for RFID tags.
Me however, I can’t wait until I’ve got that Radio-frequency identification built into my soles so I’m getting some now. Today RRW directed me to the Ztore by Violet. Violet is this cool company that has already brought us the Nabaztag Rabbits. Now they’re launching the Mir:ror. Exactly the kind of thing I need. For what I don’t know now, but I’ll sure find out in a couple of days.

I wrote a couple of days ago about democratization of technology. This is yet another example of that trend. In a couple of yours we’ll have Intel, Sony, Apple etc inside – it will be me/we/us who provide the products.
Get your Mir:ror here



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