TEDx Stockholm and Richard Gatarski's crowd sourcing experiment

Mark this weekend in your calendars. TEDx is coming to Sweden and it’s thanks to Teo Härén & Fredrik Härén and Henrik Ahlén who’ve been the driving forces behind getting TEDx here.
The first event is beeing held north of Stockholm with about 40 people attending the party and I’m honored to be one of them. Don’t worry – there will be new events following this one so get your but mouse over to the TEDx Stockholm website and show your interest.
This first event will be all about inspiration and I’m eagerly looking forward to be inspired by God knows who. I do know that homeboy Richard Gatarski has been given a 5 minute slot that he has turned into a crowd sourcing experiment on his blog and I of course think it’s a great idea.
Richard is asking us all to contribute with some sort of inspirational thing communication how to create the “best start in life for our children”.
As always I couldn’t keep my fingers out of the jam. 1 hour later I submitted this:

Now head over to Richard and submit yours!