The art of signing people up

Tim Bednar at Turtle Interactive has written one of the most valuable posts/articles I’ve ever seen about signing people up.
Tim has reviewed the sign up design and functionality of Freshbooks, Backpack, Dropsend, Vyew, Blinksale, Remember the Milk, Scrapblog, Crazy Egg, 30boxes, Blogger,, Flock, Give Meaning, Kiko, My Pick List, Titlez, CRM from Zoho, Zopa, Second Site, LinkedIn,, and Cork’d.
(a great list of Web 2.0 services by the way)
His post gives you advice on how to work with the different elements that compose a sign up page: Logo, Elevator pitch, Description copy, List of key features, List of key benefits, Call to action, Testimonials, Tours, Examples of who is using the application, Screen shots, Life-style images & Link to more information (price, login, about, blog, terms, privacy).
If you’re into eCommerce, Marketing or advertising. This is a must read.
Thanks Richard Gatarski for posting it on your blog!



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