My Customized Diesel Fragrance has delivered

A couple of weeks ago I found the site The Diesel Factory. A site where you can customize your perfume. Yes, you heard me right. Diesel has created a site where the visitors can customize the packaging of their latest perfume – Fuel for life. I off course ordered a bottle of mens perfume to see how the whole process fulfilled the brand promise of Diesel. And today my bottle of perfume arrived.

So what did I think.

1. The site.
The site absolutely lived up to the Diesel standards. It was a little bit heavy on loading. But driven by the fact that I was about to order the first online customized perfume I overlooked that. It was cool that they showed how many products there were to buy. It gave the whole thing a limited edition feeling.
2. The customization process.
Hmm, a little bit sad that I couldn’t mix fragrances. You can only influence the packaging. But since no one else has done it, I do think that the whole thing positions Diesel as an innovator.
3. Delivery.
4 weeks….ahh…not good. What’s this? Stone-age?
4. Finally here.
Ehh…the perfume arrived in a very booring cardbord box. On top of that it was filled with some kind of protection…that now is spread all over our house. Thanks for that.
5. The box that contained the actual perfume.
Low class….low budget…shit…boring ehh…And what happened to the limited edition feeling?
6. The perfume.
Not to bad. But It looks kind of cheesy I must say. Did not really live up to the pricing of 80€.
Overall I do think this campaign/product really strengthens the Diesel brand. I think that because most people probably isn’t as stupid as me and orders the damn thing. Most people see the campaign site and think. Shit, Diesel rocks. The people however that actually do order the product…they do like me…spread bad mojo about the brand.