The End of Buying Gadgets?

Yesterday I spent some time wandering the streets of old London. One of the things I always do when I’m in London is to visit the many splendid gadget stores. They’re packed with technological goodies for the everyday man (or at least the everyday gadget idiot man). However, yesterday I felt quite bored when I was eyeballing the shelfts for something new and cool to bring home. Is this just temporary, or will we see a shift in the consumer behaviour over the next couple of years?
My prediction is we will, unless there comes a new groundbreaking technology of some kind. Think about it…do you crave for the Playstation 3 the same way you did for XBOX and Playstation 2 when they first came out?
15 month, and we’ll get the first reports of consumers starting to buy into more experiences and less gadgets. Thats whats my magic ball says!