The old aircraft carrier of traditional advertising is slowly turning 180° in the other direction

I am sitting in Nacka, Sweden outside the office of one of my clients. My attention is drawn to a Tweet from Richard Gatarski, Weconverse, that points my eye towards a live Bambuser feed from the Berghs School of Communication.
Richard is right now streaming the opening lesson for the 2009 class of advertising at the Berghs School of Communication.

THIS IS A SHIFT in more ways than one.

  1. Richard Gatarski is the king of digital communication and future trends. In other words the students meet someone from the world of internet in their first lesson – not any old advertising guru.
  2. This is a school where students pay to learn. Yet I can follow their opening seminar online via bambuser. Openness!
  3. Richard is opening up backchannels on Twitter and Bambuser. The students learn about open conversations.
  4. Mobile internet. A couple of minutes ago a few students waved their arms in the class room as to see themselves that they were really live. Their getting the picture.
  5. Schools will open up. Schools will change. Schools will adapt new technologies. I just hope this happens to a lot of them before my kids start.

Richard is heading Berghs into the future of communication. Rock on!
Berghs are learning from the best. Rock on!



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