Top 5 viral advertising videos on Youtube in 2007

Financial Times reports on the advertisements that were most successful in attracting online viewers, as ranked by GoViral, the online marketing agency

Here we go:

1. Cadbury – Gorilla Drummer
– Launch online: August 2007
– Views on Youtube: 5m + lots of other user generated versions

2. Smirnoff – Green Tea Partay
Views on Youtube: 3.4m

3. Ray-Ban – Catch Sunglasses
Views on Youtube: 3.2m + user generated content

4. Blendtec – Will it Blend?
Views on Youtube: The IPhone version has reached 2.7m since July, “Will it Blend?” virals have passed 20m views on Youtube in total since the beginning in November 2006.

5. Lynx/Axe – Bom chicka wah wah
Views on Youtube: 2.6m