What is shopping? What is branding? What is marketing? Who's the designer?

If you’re into marketing you should really have a look at this new iPhone app from Nike. It really puts focus on what’s going on in the world. Old school people keep talking about how the mobile will advertise the store when you pass it. New school don’t give a shit about the store.
This new Nike ID app puts you in total control over your product. If you wanna bring in inspiration from the street you’re walking on – go ahead. Once you’ve created your shoe, buy it in directly in your iPhone. No stores. No browsers. Only you, the world you live in and your new pair of sneakers.
I’ve already downloaded the app, that can be found via NikeID, and created a pair of sneakers from a photo of my kids – my favorite pair from now on!

Ah. It’s a lovely world but it’s fast. No it’s not fast it’s faster than a bullet. No! It’s faster than light!



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