Will illwilly win it for Barack?

Don’t know if you have visited the campaign site for Barack Obama? It’s an impressive showdown in distributed social advertising.
The site, designed in a typical Web 2.0 style features tons of information on how to get involved in the campaign for Barack Obama as the next president of the USA.
Among other things there’s My.Barackobama.com, a place for supporters to create their own Barack Obama site where they can promote Barack.
There’s an action center where you learn how to take action ‘offline’. Text HOPE to a specific number and you’ll get campaign information back on your mobile.
And last but not least, there’s a listing called Obama Everywhere which is basically a links to all major Social websites out there where you can consume information in your digital channel of choice.
The social networking seems to pay of too. Illwilly from Black Eyed Peas has added his support by this personal interpretation of one of Barack Speaches. (yeah…pr I guess, but smart…)

Last but not least. I’m not involved enough to support any of the candidates, but if it was their online marketing skills that mattered – Barack, you got my vote.



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