Wink at new competitor to Spock

I’m up early watching BBC Click. A TV show about digital stuff. Not that great, but their Internet tips are usually ok. Today made me spend some time online the first day of the year.
This morning they sent me of to Wink is this people search engine that makes it easy to find and connect with people online. Wink claims to be the largest online people search. Until now I haven’t heard about it though, only Spock has reached me within this specific category.
However, I started trying it out. And I’m impressed, not necessarily with the search it self, but with how easy it is to build your profile when these new sites has done their homework. At Wink they’ve implemented every large social network site out there. On top of that you can import RSS feeds from your own blogs and sites.
Only minutes after I’ve signed up my profile is filled with more information than any other I’ve signed up for before.
One thing I wonder about. All these new sites allow you to import feeds from other sites. The thing is, now when I’m a member of more than one of these sites – does that mean that my profile at Wink for example shows the same feeds over and over again. Every one of these sites includes the feeds from the others and so on…so there should be a lot of the same news… In this case, what does this do for my SEO rating on my blogs?
Anyway. Wink deserves being signed up for, if not only to see how they’ve built their interaction with other platforms.
Last, I like their image rescaling when you upload your photo to your profile and I don’t like that once I’ve added my profile it now shows three Johan Ronnestam instead of understanding that the profile I started to change was actually me.
(by the way, I’ve actually celebrated my first New Year’s in more than 10 years without drinking alcohol. This was a positive experience, especially today.)



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