A glimpse of what to come

ReadWriteWeb reports on a new startup from Portugal called Tarpipe. Basically Tarpipe does for PR companies and social networking nerds what Yahoo Pipes does for Web 2.0 developers and feed junkies. 
Hmm what the heck does that mean?
Well, with Tarpipe you can ad all kinds of social networking accounts like Flickr, Jaiku, Twitter, Tumblr, Friendfeed, Photobucket etc. Once added you can then create workflows and this is the nice part. For example if you ad a Flickr image (like the image above) you can then create a workflow that takes the image you created and starts to process it around the social networks of yours.

Use case: automatically tag a screenshot using Evernote from Bruno Pedro on Vimeo.
Hmm, is this really something to write about?
Of course it is. Let’s say your company wanna create a social pressroom. Then put the developers of yours on the case. Let them get jiggy with the Tarpipe Open API. Hours later you’ll have your site based pressroom connected to the whole damn internet.
Hmm, is this really good?
For now yes. But once tools like this get easier to use, then we’ll have product shoots and press release swarming the web asap as they are updated on websites. For now people have to get their buts over to sites like this one and Yahoo pipes in order to get that spread on the road. Within the next 6 or 12 month we’ll definitely see integration of tools like this in the big content management systems. Not to mention the PR companies equiped with these laser sabres.