Blossa Julglögg. It sure looks nice, but what the hell is?

Blossa Julglögg
Packaging design like this makes me proud of Swedish traditions.
Every year as christmas approaches Swedes drink Julglögg. It is sort of a gathering where you meet up with old friends and eat Lussebullar and drink Julglögg.
LussebulleThe Julglögg is a kind of spirit that is filled with sweet stuff. You buy it, warm it and offer it to friends. The Lussebulle is a rather soft bun that we bake in a lot of different shapes and fill with a lot of saffron, the gold of baking.
So, how does this tie in with innovative communication. Well, a couple of years back Vin & Sprit (owners of Absolut Vodka) set out to reinvent the packaging. So every year in the end of november they launch the Julglögg i the packaging above with slight typographic changes and a new color. And as a tribute to earlier years, this year V&S lauches a special collection called Blossa X5 that features all the Julglögg’s since this repackaging concept was launched.
Does it work. Absolutely. It is quite a big hype in Sweden and the products sell out quickly. And the fact that I was reminded of this through one of my favorite blogs The Coolhunter confirmes that the cooless travels outside sweden.
Looking forward to 2008. My prediction? We’ll see a crispy, light blue color with maybe a digital typeface like Buzzer. Readable chip in the cork…not yet.
Oh, by the way. Thank you BVD for a great design!



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