BSmart creates a nice piece for IKEA

A couple of days ago I spotted this TVC above. It made me happy. Simple & informative yet a fun movie that left a positive feeling right behind my nipples. I instantly started to browse the net to get hold of the movie and blog about it. I was kinda sad when I couldn’t find it.
Today my Squash partner, Tomas Lestrup, founder of Swedish photography agency BSmart, same agency I worked with when I created the Kosta Boda campaign, stood me up on tomorrows game. He’s a sissy of course (haha) but then again he made me quite happy when letting me know that they, together with Jesper Kouthoofd och Henrik Timonen had produced the IKEA movie I was looking for.
BSmart – I can definetely recommend them. If you visit their website, have a look at the ‘this is the cast’ link.



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