Does your brand make people talk? Answer these 10 questions honestly!

goProGoPro. A brand that emotionally breaks through the buzz with all their communication. Here worn on my helmet in St Anton
Breaking through the buzz today is not easy. Everyone is looking for that golden solution that will make their brand go viral. We’re exposed to thousands of brands daily and very few actually makes an impact. The enemy spells rationality! Take a look around you. See anything worth having a chat about at work tomorrow? I didn’t think so. The majority of brands out there seem to think we’re not people but machines. It’s amazing what slips through.
Take a step back and look at your own market and brand activities. Try to place yourself in the position of your target group and take a hard look at everything that in one way or another communicates your products and/or services. What do you feel? Do you instantly feel like telling someone about what you’ve seen. If not then your communication is not doing what it should do for your brand.

If the answer to these 10 questions is yes, then you are in the right direction. If not, do something about it.

  1. People can’t avoid being affected by our communication.
  2. When someone reads texts we’ve written they just can’t stop reading.
  3. When people talk about our brand they use emotional descriptions.
  4. If we ask people what music they would associate with our brand they can answer instantly.
  5. The question “Did you like our latest ad” always get a spontaneous yes as an answer.
  6. People actively go online and search for our brand after being confronted with our brand.
  7. A smile occurs on peoples faces when the interact with our brand.
  8. Our products and services tells a story.
  9. We differentiate ourselves from the competition on an emotional level.
  10. Our customers call consider themselves fans.

Always do more than you think you need to do. It’s not easy to make people react. How does your copy make me feel. Do you use images of your products that makes people go ahhh. Make sure you touch people emotionally. Make people laugh or cry. Make their heart beat. And make sure you give them something to talk about. It’s the only way forward if you wanna build a brand that lasts.