Fake Steve plays tricks with Apple

Have you heard about Fake Steve?
If not, Fake Steve is this guys who runs a blog where he’s impersonating Steve Jobs. And lately it seems that he has pissed Apple off.
Fake Steve is funny, but what’s even more funny, or interesting is the word, is how you all over the web can see how Apple is slowly destroying the fantastic reputation they’ve always had by starting to act like the brands they hated themselves.
On top of this they’ve launched the Leopard OSX that for the first time ever actually works like shit (at least so far). Leopard by the way contains another example that shows Apple starts to forget where they came from – When you install Leopard the system forces you to throw away your Helvetica Neue collection…yes, you heard me right, your Helvetica (the greatest font ever) collection.
Apple, get your things right, remember where you come from and stay cool.