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  • Creating Content That Moves People: Lessons From the Masters 2023 Video

    Creating Content That Moves People: Lessons From the Masters 2023 Video

    As a copywriter, marketing director, or golf enthusiast, you know that capturing the essence of a momentous event through words and visuals is no easy feat. But when it’s done right, it’s pure magic. The video of the first day at the Masters 2023 in Golf is a masterpiece that perfectly captures the excitement, anticipation, […]

  • AI and Chat GPT4. To be or not to be?

    AI and Chat GPT4. To be or not to be?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been progressing at a remarkable pace in recent years, and Chat GPT4, the latest development, is no exception. While some eagerly await its open release, others call for its prohibition. How should we view this emerging technology? As with any innovation, it’s crucial to examine Chat GPT4 critically, considering the ethical […]

  • Build your brand stronger than ever. 9 things to think about!

    Build your brand stronger than ever. 9 things to think about!

    In today’s competitive market, building a strong brand identity is crucial for businesses. This blog post highlights nine key components that are essential for creating a successful brand, including authenticity, sustainability, design quality, innovation, grassroots movements, differentiation, creativity, brand expression, and strategic financial management. By making sure these components are part of your branding strategy, […]

  • 10 years ago I made some predictions. True or false?

    10 years ago I made some predictions. True or false?

    Hey. As you know I’ve been writing my blog for quite some time now. Every now and then I’ve boldly stuck my nose out and predicted the future. But how right am I? Well, today we’re going to find out. As we all know, predicting the future is a risky business. Back in 2013, I […]

  • Here’s to Loyalty!

    Here’s to Loyalty!

    Loyalty. The One Word You Should Remember to Succeed in Branding In today’s world, branding has become an essential part of any business. It helps businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors, attract and retain customers, and build a strong reputation in the market. And to succeed in branding, there’s one word that you should […]

  • Wanna become a good at playing golf?

    Wanna become a good at playing golf?

    – Well, you know what to do: You read everything you can, take lessons, get new clubs, watch YouTube tutorials, buy the streaming golf TV package, become a member of a good golf course, find yourself turning the living room into a putting green and you know exactly what to wish for when Christmas comes. […]

  • Case: The branding and launch of BAUX Acoustic Pulp.

    Case: The branding and launch of BAUX Acoustic Pulp.

    The 2019 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair opened in February this year in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s one of the most important arenas for global furniture and interior design brands. Thus a very important arena for one of my startups BAUX.  When me and my co-founders started BAUX, we had a simple idea; That acoustic materials […]

  • Hey world, this is BEU Watches.

    Hey world, this is BEU Watches.

    BEU Watches is finally live. When I first dreamt of BEU two and a half years ago it wasn’t yet a watch, but a manifesto I had written and pinned to my wall. It finally put into words a very simple but profound message that’s been guiding my life for a long time. A message […]

  • Things I do to feel alive & productive.

    Things I do to feel alive & productive.

    Some of you reading this know me. Some of you don’t. Few people actually know me well enough to know how I live my life so I thought I’d share some of my daily routines. I get up early 365 a year. A couple years ago a good friend of mine, Jacob Wismar, told me he […]

  • Introducing ROST Studio.

    Introducing ROST Studio.

    About 8 years ago I first met Daniel Stridsberg. At the time up and coming designer at digital producer Britny. We hooked up and started doing projects together. Daniel as a wild yet into details pixel loving designer and me as Creative Director and Art Director. Together we delivered some great results for strong Swedish […]

  • Branding is like raising a child!

    Branding is like raising a child!

    Branding is like raising a child. You’ve gotta have a clear vision of where you’re aiming yet tackle to new situations every day. Adopt to the changes in the world. Have tons of fun but never at the expense of your vision or values. Every now and then there’s a crisis. But that’s fine too. […]

  • When you are tired – run!

    When you are tired – run!

    When you are tired – run. When you are scared – charge. When you are exhausted – boost When you fail – fail again. When you fail – try harder. When you worry – care less. When others worry – don’t care at all. Live. Play. Move.

  • The Kinnarps stand 2017 – Editor's Award for Best Stand.

    The Kinnarps stand 2017 – Editor's Award for Best Stand.

    After creating a new brand and design platform for Kinnarps, one of the worlds finest workspace solutions brands I was asked if I wanted to design and then lead the implementation of the Kinnarps Stockholm Furniture & Light 2017 stand. This is the short story about that project. I early explained to Kinnarps that in […]

  • Follow your inner voice!

    Follow your inner voice!

    When you seek to brand a company, product or service you always start with the reason for being. In the same way you should always look for your reason for being when you think about your next chapter in life. Not which company you aim to work with or business idea you want to bring […]

  • Ten Principles of Future Branding

    Ten Principles of Future Branding

    The other day I read a great post by Joshua Porter on the Principles of Product Design. It’s an area that I’m very fond of and the post by Joshua was spot on. Then as I’m a fan of Dieter Rams and his Ten Principles for Good Design I decided to write my own ten principles […]

  • Think it's about winning? Think again!

    Think it's about winning? Think again!

    People struggle to get ahead of people. In sports, at work, in business, in school and everywhere else. But don’t bother. Life isn’t about winning or getting ahead of people. Life is about evolving and getting better at things, not in comparison of others but in comparison of yourself. But, don’t aim to win. Mastering something might […]

  • Reach out and create something beautiful!

    Reach out and create something beautiful!

    You have something called the Internet in your pocket and inside your computer. Through this fantastic invention you can reach anyone anywhere in the world whenever you want. If you got a dream to do something, produce something and create something that makes a change first and foremost in your own life, but maybe in […]

  • Google exactly what you're thinking!

    Google exactly what you're thinking!

    As I travel the world both in business and for pleasure I end up speaking about ideas. People who have ideas, want ideas, heard an idea or would like to have an idea. These conversations gives me so much energy. People all over the world are craving to invent things, start a business, solve a […]

  • The Ronnestam Prototyping Process. An innovation process by me leading your brand into the future

    The Ronnestam Prototyping Process. An innovation process by me leading your brand into the future

    About five years ago I launched new process that could help brands and companies to break out of their stand still and also help me in creating the right climate for change in the projects I work with. I call this process The Ronnestam Prototyping Process.   The Ronnestam Prototyping Process The Ronnestam Prototyping Process is based on a combination […]

  • 10 things I've done wrong in branding projects and that you can learn from

    A brand I haven’t created or believe in. I did however shoot the photo on a cemetery on Ireland not far from my favorite surfing spot. I’ve had the privilege of being involved in many different brand projects that have resulted in logos, graphical guidelines, advertising, POS, digital platforms, interior decoration, products, organisational impacts and future strategies. I’ve created and launched new brands […]

  • Populism in politics is just as bad as populism in branding.

    Populism in politics is just as bad as populism in branding. Let your brand activities constantly reflect your brand vision, values and platform – not how you temporarily think you can win new prospects and please existing ones.

  • My first tube – The nirvana of surfing

    My first tube – The nirvana of surfing

    Mentawai is considered one of the worlds best places to surf. Earlier this year in February I had the privilege to spend two weeks there at a surf camp called Pit Stop Hills. This first class camp run by Paul Clark and his fiancé Megan Devine sits on top of a hill right in front of […]

  • Branding is all about making people smile or cry

    Branding is all about making people smile or cry

    The one thing that should direct all your branding activities is exactly that. Make people smile or cry, crying as in touching someones heart. To many communication activities go by without anyone caring for them or the product they communicate. Here are 7 quick ones on branding: Create products or services that solves a real problem that matters to […]

  • 60 seconds of pure passion

    60 seconds of pure passion

    Just home from a weekend in St Anton with the mountain guides at Piste to Powder. Above says it all:

  • Unstad, Lofoten. A place I'll come back to.

    Unstad Beach. A nice wave breaking. Last weekend I was away on a brand journey to Unstad, Lofoten with Swedish fashion brand Mountain Works. I’m one of the partners of this small yet well known Swedish clothing brand and now it was time for our first ‘Brand Lab’ trip. This is a concept I’ve created […]

  • On the future of Apple and iOS7

    Yesterday I installed iOS 7 on my daughters iPhone. Shortly after she came up to me crying. I asked her what was wrong? – It’s so ugly she said. What is? – Everything daddy! This morning I woke up early and had some fun in photoshop. Is this the future of Apple?

  • What comes after Facebook? A social world?

    Almond Butterscotch named his photo Connected and lonely That’s one of the most common questions I get when I’m giving speeches or meeting clients. Hell if I knew but the last couple of weeks I’ve been giving it some thoughts, new thoughts though. If you’d asked me one year ago I’d dreamed up some sort […]

  • Change starts with a knife!

    The food industry keeps on spending money on products that saves us time. Fast food, pre cooked food, half fabricates, frozen food etc etc. It’s easier than ever to distance ourselves from the fact that we are using up natures resources faster and faster. If we keep it up we’ll be in big trouble sooner […]

  • Here you go. My Netvibes feeds again!

    Netvibes. Still my favorite feed reader.  Back in 2008 I wrote a blog post telling you how I used Netvibes to monitor tons of blogs. Then in 2011 I wrote a blogpost teaching you how I “stay ahead of the competition“. Now the time has come again to share some love. I’ve uploaded my updated XML […]

  • Jetlagged.

    I’m taking part in this #Blogg100 challenge that means I’m supposed to blog once a day for 100 days in a row. I’ve just travelled for more than 24 hours and I’ve gotta get some sleep. This means that this blog post is all you’ll get from me today. See you tomorrow!

  • Digital takes direct out of Direct Marketing

    The last two days I’ve been hidden away in a conference room in Stockholm. We’ve been about 40 individuals who have been chosen to work in the Jury for Guldnyckeln, Swedens first competition for direct marketing. It’s interesting to see how the challenges of marketing slowly but surely erases the borders between different communication activities. […]

  • Don't fall in love with technology. Fall in love with humans!

    Roland added some great value when they created the Roland TB-303 If you wanna create digital brand activities or products that actually make a difference. Don’t think technology! Too often I see cases where the entire product or a communication idea has been based on technical possibilities. This never works in the long run. No […]

  • Beauty is a beast!

    I’ve written about surfing before and why I love it. I’m not sure I’d be that thrilled to paddle into this though! The video shows Teahupoo on Aug 27th 2011 during the Billabong Pro. Many calls this the biggest and gnarliest Teahupoo ever ridden. The French Navy even labeled this day a double code red […]

  • The most worthless question and the question to die for!

    What are you doing tomorrow? Now that’s a worthless question. You have no idea if you’re even alive tomorrow. Far too many people expect great things in the future but they’re not living today. You might say that goals are ok and of course they are, I’ve got tons of them. But it’s the journey […]

  • My equipment list for the 110 km ultra run in August

    You might have read my post on me becoming an ultra runner. In August this year I’m about to challenge myself beyond anything else I’ve ever done from a physical point of view. Read about the ultra challenge in my other post. Today however I thought I’d share what I’ll bring to the starting line […]

  • In 10 years from now you will…

    …have the opportunity to be a passenger in your own driverless car. …own storage of material for your 3D printer. …not need to carry a credit card. …have two or three mobile phones or whatever you’ll call them. …control all electronics in your house with your mobile. …be talking to a Japanese in Japanese without […]

  • Monkeyfy your brand!

    Remember that first slide of yours? Ever tried an iPhone? When you first did, did you have to read the manual? Nope cause Apple builds their stuff for the monkey brain we’re equipped with. It was configured some

  • Why I blog.

    Now this is just a nice picture from Hawaii covered with a statement. Nice huh!? An old friend of mine asked me the other day. “Why the hell are you writing a blog for?” I answered: I first started to write a blog in 2002 when I first heard of the concept of blogging. At […]

  • On this day.

    Today my beloved daughter Ebba turned 8 years. It’s scary how time flies. Woke her up at AM 0630. We had a lovely morning with a small celebration before school. Ebba 8. I love you! Then off to the south parts of Stockholm. Had a great morning meeting with Fredrik ‘Benke’ Rydman. We’re planning

  • Reference stand in your way for future success

    Jan Boklöv hade a totally different idea on how to do ski-jumping. At first he wasn’t aloud to jump V-style even though he flew a lot longer. Finally people had to give in and he changed the sport. One of the most common responses one gets when presenting an a brand new idea or outlining […]

  • Do you remember what…

    …sport you loved when you were a teenager? …name your first love had? …your favorite playground looked like when you were a kid? …games you used to play after school? …your favorite color was when you were young? …music you listened to? …how your childrens room looked like? …authors you used to read? …color your […]

  • And here comes the sun

    The Sun and my youngest daughter Linn. Two sources of positive energy! This week has been quite a ride between great things and not so great things. I guess in one sense a week like any other but in another week like no other. As my mind was lost somewhere suddenly a bright light appeared. […]

  • The constantly growing world of inspiration needs to keep growing. Sharing is caring!

    Fashion de’luxe! Today I was looking for some ideas on Down Jackets (as I’m a partner in a clothing brand…will get back to that another day ). Google. Push. Search. Bang. My browser explodes with all kinds of wonderful inspiration. A couple of clicks later I’m reading this Frensch blogger on clothing that have posted […]

  • Becoming an Ultra Runner?

    I’m a ‘challenge-me-kinda-guy’. In 2011 year you might have read my blog post on my Enduro adventure on Gotland. (in English via Google Translate here) It was a blast. Frightening but a blast. It was definitely one of my biggest challenge in my life. Then last year passed without any extreme physical adventures, except for […]

  • Why I love surfing

    Self portrait from Easky, Ireland in october 2012. More than 20 years ago my good friend Mathias Wiberg asked me if I wanted to tag along to Easky, Ireland and learn how to surf. I was in the middle of my snowboard career and surfing felt like something I really wanted to learn how to […]

  • Finding your voice after keeping quiet. #Blogg100 here we go.

    Fredrik Wass, Swedish blogger, freelancing journalist, thinker and speaker set out on a mission last year. He set out on a mission to write 100 blog posts in 100 days. He called the project #Blogg100. Already then he urged people to join in. Now a year later he called out again and asked people to […]

  • There are no High Streets on the internet.

    Now that’s your future challenge. That’s the problem that defines the requirements for digital brands. In the real world you’ve got great locations and shitty locations. Let’s say you wanna open a coffee shop. If you place it on the High Street you’ll be sure to have clients dropping by. As long as you do an ok […]

  • Got Kids? Get Culture! Introducing Buildo Museum.

    Today is a great day. Over at JAJDO we’re releasing our third app. Buildo Museum is aimed to get kids all over the world interested in culture. Get your free copy in the appstore before the 6th of febrary!

  • Gotland Grand National 2011. Ett av mitt livs största utmaningar.

    This post, written in Swedish tells the tale about my 2011 start in Gotland Grand National. För 32 år sedan gick jag i skolan med Marie Hessel. Sedan dess har vi setts någon gång då och då i samband med någon klassåterträff eller i liknande sammanhang. Sen plötsligt står hon där och hänger i baren […]

  • 15 keys to deliver a fantastic keynote presentation on stage

    Inspired by Swedish blogger Fredrik Wass who stated that he will blog for a 100 days in a row I felt I had to get my blog going again. So here we go! Photographed by Paulina while forecasting trends at the Creative Summit together with among others Brian Solis and Alf Rehn. In 2011 I was honored […]

  • Merry Christmas from me and the JAJDO team!

    One day left. What’s up with this time thing. It felt like we passed midsummer only days ago. Scary! I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. I’ll also take the opportunity to tell you that over at my other company JAJDO we’re giving away our apps for free […]

  • 24 Hours Live. Sammanfattning, höjdpunkter och ett stort tack!

    (This is a Swedish post covering the 24 Hours Live event in May earlier this year) Tidigare i år, närmare bestämt i början av Maj, genomförde jag tillsammans med Göran Adlén årets kanske mest korkade eller geniala idé. Ett enkelt koncept. Vi skulle spendera 24 timmar non-stop i hotelbaren, något slags världsrekord?, på ett av […]

  • Thank you Steve!

    Steve Jobs. The ultimate source of inspiration to me and many of us all. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  • Passion Makes You:

    My daughter Ebba has a passion for Swings. I have a passion for Instagram. Run a million miles Walk deserts Dive to the bottom of the sea Fly to the moon Surf monsters Jump skyscrapers Dance all night Party all day Get a tattoo Kiss first Do stupid things Do bad things Do good things […]

  • Helping The World Is Just a Couple of Keystrokes Away

    Who will you help today? Never forget that helping the world is just a click and a couple of keystrokes away. Visit any of the organisations below now and type away! Kiva (My personal choice today – 115$) Amnesty Red Cross Unicef WWF Médecins Sans Frontières Greenpeace Now get going!

  • Hur följer du bäst konversationen under 24 Hours Live? Så här:

    Du har säkert sett att jag själv och Göran Adlén har kommit på den fantastiska idéen att prata om kommunikation, trender, teknologi, reklam, design och massor av andra aktuella ämnen oavbrutet i 24 timmar i sträck på Clarion Sign Hotel nu på fredag den 6:e maj. Och som om det inte var nog – Robin Danehav, […]

  • Art, Experiment, Inspiration or Plain Stupidity – Introducing Adlen & Ronnestam 24 Hours Live by Danehav

    Me and partner in crime Göran Adlén, one of Swedens most hired and admired speakers on future trends, had a nice lunch a couple of weeks ago. Half way into a wonderful Pizza at Vapiano we suddenly cracked, what probably is our most stupid or…genius idea so far: “Why don’t we lock our selves up somewhere […]

  • I Am Free. You Are Free. We Are All Free!

    I was born into this world as free as any child. No religion, no political point of views, no ideas about what was right or wrong. Nothing. Just free. And I screamed! Me – around two years old walking our dog named Gorko. Then, just as you, I was brought home, fed, raised and I started […]

  • The Essentials Of Great Branding Building

    There are tons of consultants (including myself) selling branding services around the world. Most tend to say (not including myself) that branding is complexed. A quick search on Google image search reveals tons of models. What if we look beyond those models and all those advices that often lead to heavy brand manuals that no […]

  • Tänk om! – Därför behöver vi en kunskapsrevolution i Sverige NU!

    Året är 2011 och jag sitter här tryggt och säkert i lilla Sverige och läser i tidningarna om hur vi skall förbättra våra skolor och säkerställa Svea rikes framtid. Jag funderar en stund på det hela och tänker vidare. Världen krymper fortare än vi tror Tänk om? Tänk om det blir så att jag om […]

  • Stay Ahead Of The Competition – Here is How I Do It.

    Back in 1980, Michael Porter (most famous of creating Porter’s Five Forces) published the study Competitive-Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors. It was more or less the beginning of what you today would call Competitive Intelligence – the action of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors and any aspect of the […]

  • Why You Should Wait To Use Facebook Email

    Yesterday Facebook mail was launched here in Sweden and it’s been said it’ll be a game changer. This morning I had to give it a go. After all, if I’m supposed to use it in one way or another it’s good to know how it works…or not works. After a quick analysis I’d say

  • Future Integrated Communication From A Digital Perspective

    Leading a brand? Thinking about how to create a long term integrated communication platform? Think no more cause I’ll share the model I’ve been using for the last three years when leading brands into the future of advertising, communication and advertising. Normally I’d work a company or brand through a series of workshops. We would […]

  • How To Successfully Identify A Future Trend

    I’m currently working on my 2011 brand and communication prediction. While I’m working on that I drew up one of the best models I know when it comes to predicting future trends. Enjoy!

  • 2010 Is Coming To An End. Here Are Some Things I Did

    Yet another year has almost passed. This one has been filled great things. During the year I’ve created brand concepts, communication strategies and digital brand presences for a number of different brands. I released my first book or whatever you wanna call it. I spoke about future trends, communication and advertising at more than 80 events […]

  • So What About Volvo? Does Your Site Suck Too?

    Yesterday I wrote a blog post about SAAB. It obviously created some sort of attention since I almost had a new unique visitor record. Among the commenters were official SAAB representatives, positive even though I had quite a strong tone in my post. Another commenter, a bit surprising, was David Holecek, Interactive Marketing Manager at Volvo […]

  • Dear Saab. Your Site Sucks

    Usually when I don’t like something I try to give constructive feedback. But in this case there’s just to much of a history involved. About 9 years ago I tried to pitch ideas on Saab. Partly because I really wanted to work with a car brand and partly because they were Swedes. Already back then […]

  • Don't Fall In Love With Your History. Embrace Your Future!

    It is hilarious. For as long as I’ve lived map-makers of the world has tried about a trillion different ways to fold a map so that it doesn’t crumple. Then suddenly someone, in this case a young designer named Emanuele Pizzolorusso from Milan, decides to look at the problem from a new perspective. What if […]

  • How I Create

    When I’m handed a problem, any kind of problem, I learn as much as I can about the subject. I do this as fast as possible as I wanna keep that fire burning. Then I start thinking about possible solutions, draw things on paper, write and design things on my computer and ad shapes to […]

  • Social Media. It's There To Give Your Brand A Body

    We’ve all heard it before. A brand is not a logo, nor is it your products or services. Your brand is the sum of peoples feelings when they think about your brand. Or said in a more ‘techy’ way – An emotional translation of what first comes to mind when neurons fire in the brains […]

  • Why Are The Worlds Greatest Brands Stuck In Old Technology And What Should They Do About It?

    The other day a friend of mine brought H&M’s global website to my attention again. Back in 2006 I was one of their consultants until I more or less lost the assignment due to the fact that I told them what the didn’t wanna hear – Your website sucks! Of course I was wrong and […]

  • The Social Formula For Small Business Owners

    About two years ago I frantically started writing on this blog post. Then the sheer length of it got the best of me and since then it’s been stuck in my unpublished library. Now I thought it’s time to give birth to this baby even though most of it was written about two years ago, […]

  • Case: The Story Of How Sweden's Newest Bank 'Marginalen Bank' Was Created, Implemented and Launched

    What do you do when someone asks you to sign a non disclosure agreement and then asks you to spend the coming year planning, creating, implementing and launching a new Swedish bank? Say yes of course! This is where the story of the freshly launched brand Marginalen Bank starts. Together with recidivist Caroline Karlström I […]

  • I Think I Can Beat Steve Jobs

    I am not applying for a new job as a CEO or Marketing Director, but if I did that would be my headline and I would run the brand I’d work for based on the insights that follow. Steve! Bring it on! Ok, so you’re s marketing director or even a CEO struggling to beat […]

  • I Just Want To Be Myself

    Years ago I found myself staring at the wall above my desk. People outside my office ran by, stressed and eager to please their management, dressed by the code and walking the talk. My employer at the time was a financial institute where I was hired as ‘Marketing Manager Internet Related Products’. Only three years […]

  • Common Sense Communication

    In the offline world, if your customers didn’t find what they were looking for inside your store and left without shopping. Would you: a) Rethink the layout of your store today b) Rethink the layout of your store next year c) Rethink the layout of your store within the next three years I think the […]

  • I Spent The Weekend On An Island And Challenged My Fears

    Yesterday I got back from a fantastic weekend spent on the island of Tjärö, Sweden. Together with another 400 people I took part in something called the Sweden Social Web Camp (SSWC 2010). This morning Swedish TV channel TV4 broadcasted a report made by Lisah Pettersson aka @JournalistLisah featuring a short comment by me. Thanks […]

  • Mitt svar i sin helhet till Tobias Brandel på Svenska Dagbladet

    Today there was an article in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet where I together with another six people ranked how Swedish politicians behaved in social media. Here is a short post to let my Swedish readers in on the background. Idag hade Svenska Dagbladet en text om politiker och sociala media. Jag tillsammans med Joakim Jardenberg, […]

  • What's Up?

    It is Saturday morning. The summer is slowly coming to an end even though I’m still waking up way to early due to the light. I’ve had the privilege to have quite some time off with my family. Only one project has been running over the summer. My youngest daughter Linn trying out her new […]

  • When You Want To Communicate Something. Change Perspective!

    Have a look at the video below and tell me if you’re not amazed. Turning things up side down. Black becomes white. Faster when you’re used to going slow. Smile when people expect you to be sad. Something big when people expected something small. Diving when people expected skydiving. Whatever you do, don’t do what […]

  • Control Your Home With Your Mobile

    Just when I thought I was done renovating our home I ran into this control system that enables regulation and control of our complete building with the touch of a finger. The Gira Control 19 Client is a PC-based control and regulation unit with a touch screen. It becomes a home station for door communication […]

  • Yahoo Shares The Love Of Usability

    If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would know by now that I’m a big fan of sharing ideas and thoughts. Internets biggest contribution to a better world is exactly this – getting rid of protectionism and replacing it with sharing knowledge. Together we can tear down the walls of monopoly built […]

  • You'll Be On A Roll

    The future is bright, that’s for sure. At least if you’re into portability and gadgets. This flexible new oled display developed by Sony makes the iPad seem like a brick huh! Fubiz lit up the road this time.

  • De ä mycke nu…

    That is a Swedish saying. It sort of means “I’ve got shit loads of stuff to do” And that more or less sums up why I haven’t blogged the last couple of weeks. Don’t worry. I’ll be back sooner than later.

  • Time Replaces Money.

    Another day passes. Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock. I don’t know about you but personally being rich is about having lots of time for my family, friends and the things I love. This is what life is all about. I remember way back when I was fresh out of school. When I […]

  • The 10 Commandments Of Future Brands

    There’s a couple of things I demand from brands that make it all the way into my life. It’s really not that hard. It’s just about being prepared to sacrifice your life for what you believe in! A Tweaked Moses with the Ten Commandments by Philippe de Champaigne 1648 from Freechristimages Here are the 10 […]

  • A Brand New Branded Day

    Eyes open. My hands reach for my iPhone. Damn! The Night Stand app tells me it’s only 5:15 AM and I’m already awake. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been waking up early. As the brain slowly comes to life I’m performing my morning routine on my iPhone. First a quick check on […]

  • How Traditionalists Think About Social Media

    State your problems first. Then it might turn out social media is not what you need. And if it is. The do something unique made to work. Don’t just treat it like another channel where you can dump your offline activities. A sloppy little drawing I did this morning inspired by the works of Al […]

  • The Essential Guide On How To Start And Configure A Blog That Rocks The World

    I have gotten the question over and over again from people, organizations and brands: “How do we start a blog the right way” – I’ve decided to put my advice into writing. Some of you might think this post is unnecessary. Other people have written about this already. I thought so too until I started […]

  • Simon Pestridge From Nike Make Future Advertising Sound Simple

    Apple, Nike, adidas, Google and so on. It’s always easy to point the wow pointer to these huge brands that have massive amounts of brand fans world wide. But sometimes you’ve just gotta remind people about why these brands often are leading the pack. I have just gotten of stage in Tallin, Estonia after speaking […]

  • The Power Of Participation – The Ushahidi

    Every now and then when I spend time online I find things that make me shiver cause they’re so freakin cool. Today I found an open source project that matches that description and I’d like to share it with you. It regards an organization called Ushahidi and their kick ass crowdsourcing platform. Ushahidi, which means […]

  • Lightbulb Packaging. If They Can – You Can Too!

    People over here in Europe are getting ready to change their light bulbs at home due to a decision taken in the European Union a couple of years ago. This has triggered an earthquake of ideas on how to repackaging this old product that haven’t really seen inside of a designers room the last 50 […]

  • 4 Exiting Speaking Appearances On Marketing, Social Media And Future Communication

    Right now I’m trying to find the time to finalize a couple of posts hidden among my drafts. However I’ve got a quite tight schedule right now with 4 exiting speaking appearances (and another 4 closed ones) where I’ll be speaking about future communication, social media, branding and creativity the coming 2 weeks. So, if […]

  • Ask Yourselves These 10 Questions And Then Go Off Conquer The World

    Whatever you do and whatever you intend to accomplish in life one thing is for sure. It should be something you’re passionate about. Ask yourselves these 10 questions and if your answer is NO to any of them – quit and do something else. Am I doing what I love every day? Am I doing […]

  • How To Win And Keep A Client

    Winning clients is hard. Keeping them over time is even harder. Many of you might read this blog in order to do just that – win and keep clients. Then let me share my point of view on the subject. How to hit your target Innovation is what awards you with new accounts. This is […]

  • Now I Need Your Help!

    I believe in the saying – ‘Sharing is caring’ and most of the post on this blog is about just that. Trying to get my head around things that could help brands and companies to outperform themselves. Now I need to cash in some of that sharing and the currency is cudos – your vote! […]

  • Winners of the Book on Top 10 Posts on Future Branding

    Days before 2009 ended I announced the release of my first book or whatever you wanna call it. As I did so I tweeted that the first 50 people who would retweet the message would be sent a free signed copy

  • Brand and Communication Predictions For 2010 by Johan Ronnestam

    This last year, 2009 has been a blast in many ways. Almost every day I’ve received interesting news from friends, other bloggers and my RSS feeds. Even thought we’ve seen one of the most severe economical downturns this year it seems advertising, communication and technology has been the business to be in. Brands seem to […]

  • Waving Good Bye To 2009 – Google Waving That Is!

    Who said Google Wave couldn’t be made to good use. Hmm…I sort of did at this networking meeting the other day when we talked about the biggest fails of 2009. At least we haven’t seen that many good cases yet but of course they will follow. Whirled Interactive (same guys who gave us Pulp Wave) […]

  • Successful Culting of Brands: 10 Easy Steps – A Book Tip & My Reflections

    One thing I love about the internet is the fact that suddenly you find things that haven’t surfaces for many years. Last week, thanks to AdLab I got word of a book by Douglas Atkin – ‘The Culting of Brands’. Douglas wrote this book back in 2004 but as I’m reading it I’d say it’s […]

  • 10 Reasons Why The Screens Are Coming in 2010

    The Mobile Revolution. Have you heard that one before. Well, just when it’s about to happen thanks to the iPhone and the Android OS I’d like to launch a thought about the next revolution – ‘The Revolution of the Screens’. A couple of month back I got my Amazon Kindle. I blogged about the Microsoft […]

  • The Boy Who Lived – How a Comic Strip Can Make You Cry

    Today I’m browsing for mood images. My search has led me to tons of newspaper blogs. Then suddenly as I noticed this comic strip below my heart stop for a brief second. This piece of communication is so simple yet so strong. If this would have a been an ad that ended with ‘Send Money […]

  • Do something great this saturday morning!

    This morning I’ve spent some time on relending money to entrepreneurs across the globe. The last thing one is told to do is to introduce Kiva to my friends and by doing so help Kiva reach more entrepreneurs. Since I’ve got a blog with some traffic I thought I might as well paste the […]

  • The NEXT Event. Ett tack till er som var där och er som inte var där!

    För er som missade det så arrangerade jag tillsammans med eventföretaget Wednesday Relations ett event förra veckan. The NEXT Event – Directed by Johan Ronnestam, skulle inspirera, lära ut och få oss att tänka till kring morgondagens reklam och kommunikation. Det blev en otroligt härlig dag. Över 270 personer hade samlats på Södra Teatern för […]

  • Here's the latest iPhone app that….naa

    Obviously we’re not really there yet. But this spoof gives us a pretty good idea where technology is heading. On top of that I’m getting a smile for free! You will too.

  • Min kärleksaffär

    Långt där borta bakom husen vaknar hon. Hon är vackrast av oss alla. Hennes andedräkt är varm och hon ger liv åt allt liv. Hon väljer att dela med sig istället för att ta. Det hade varit så enkelt för henne att förslava oss eller bara låta oss dö. Men hon låter oss vara fria…om […]

  • 21 Steps on How to Monitor Your Brand Online and Keep Track of the Conversation

    And now to a very sensitive issue – monitoring. As some of you know my profession is leading brands into the future of communication. One of the more important parts of this is teaching them how to keep track of their own brands in the jungle of conversation. What are people saying about my brand, […]

  • Mr Shohei Otomo rock my sunday evening

    It’s Sunday evening and I’m spending some time browsing my feeds and maybe finding some last minute stuff for this coming week presentations. Pink Tentacle, one of my favorite blogs that always surprise me with something quirky introduce me to Mr Shohei Otomo – a Japanese manga artist. Shohei’s ballpoint drawings rock! A Geisha playing […]

  • I'm a Leo

    August has already passed and maybe it’s a little bit late for me to share my horoscope. But since I like it I’ll share it anyway. My birthday is the 20th of August and that makes me a Leo. I just loved this portrait found on FFFFound of a Leo and couldn’t find a better […]

  • How to innovate a set of icons

    Innovation is a strange thing. The best of innovations usually happens when someone takes something established from the world of culture and ads a twist or adapt it to future needs. Weiden & Kennedy’s great Honda COG pastiche on Peter Fischli & David Weiss’s art expression ‘The Way Things Go‘ is the perfect example on […]

  • Hey! It's almost five'o clock and it's friday. Watch this one and go home happy!

    Here’s a four minutes and thirty three seconds long video that continuous on my previous post subject. Let’s be humble about the fact that nature has allowed us all to be in control of this planet. Found this one on a young Swedish ‘Berghs’ students blog. – Thank you and congratulation by the way!

  • When I get old…shoot me…into outer space

    Ever since I was a small boy I’ve dreamed of going into outer space and beyond. This video showcases the Ultra Deep Field first discovered by the Hubble telescope in 2003. It’s a four minutes and seventeen seconds long video that will change your perspective on human life, our way of living and our home […]

  • Dear The Economist – it’s MY thinking space, not yours!

    Yesterday I was sent an email from The Economist through their social communication agency We Are Social. The mail presented their latest campaign – Thinking Spaces. A campaign presenting a number of opinion leaders and their ‘Thinking Spaces’. One part of the campaign contains a social component where they’re asking bloggers to contribute with our […]

  • Event based iPhone applications will move money into mobile advertising

    I play golf. I enjoy watching golf tournaments. I’m spending the summer in the lovely Swedish archipelago….without any coverage of the British Open…so I turn to the iPhone app store. There it is. The second big golf tournament iPhone application in a month. US open lead the way with their application. If you’re into sailing […]

  • And now for another crowdsourcing experiment

    The Japanese group Sour was about to create a new music video for their latest song ‘Hibi no Neiro’. What to do? Get some fans together from around the world, put them in front of a web-cam and let them co-create the video for you. Once you’re done – put it on YouTube and another […]

  • It's a animal. No! It's an alien. No! It's a…

    This video showcasing what people believe to be an unknown lifeform of ET origin is spreading like wildfire on YouTube. More than 2 million hits since yesterday. As always we tend to spread classical myths grounded in life more than anything else. I pray to god it’s not a viral campaign for Burger King and […]

  • RIP Michael Jackson

    Early this morning I stood in the ‘Story’ bar in central Stockholm and explained to one of my friends what Twitter is all about. As I explained trending topics I noticed RIP MJ hitting the charts and of course Tweeted it myself. Michael had been declared dead only minutes earlier when people went crazy on […]

  • When I was 5 years old Backgammon was a cool looking game

    I remember when I was about 5 years old, my parents had a Backgammon gaming board in our livingroom and I thought it was a beautiful pattern on top of it but I didn’t have the slightest idea how that game was played. As I was browsing through the most viewed YouTube videos of the […]

  • It's friday and I like

    Yesterday I had a very nice evening. First a visit to Berghslive. Lot’s of student. Lot’s of great work. I actually ended up buying one of the students pieces. I’ll show you what that was in a couple of days. After that followed a date with Mr Aviation,  Ms Gin Fizz, a dame called Strawberry […]

  • Students get it. When will brands do?

    This year when the students at Berghs School of Communication graduate they sum up their examination exhibition like this: No one reads ads. People read what is interesting. How do we become interesting? We create news instead of advertising. Instead of having a regular examination exhibition they’ve launching a live news channel the 27th of […]

  • I miss surfing.

    Later this day the river was flooding food from the main land. The sharks ended up chasing me to the beach That is me up there. About to cut back into the white water and sitting on the right, after surf. Below shows me right after dropping in on Uluwatu, one of the worlds finest […]

  • Here are two art project that shines a light on life and the internet

    Ok, so you’re an artist studying at an art school. It’s time to graduate and you really wan’t some publicity. What do you do? In Sweden a student named Anna Odell, studying at Konstfack decided to shine a light on how the society handles people that are physical disabled. In her piece of art ‘Okänd, […]

  • Tweet and you shall be followed anywhere…anyhow.

    People tend to share a lot of information online and not the least on Twitter. All that information is possible to access by using the Twitter API. Jer Thorp, digital artist, thought about that for a while and then he decided to extract and visualize travel information from people’s public Twitter streams by searching for […]

  • Technology democratized creativity

    The music industry have for many years kept musicians at an arms length mainly because the hard- and software has been to expensive for the everyday musician to buy. On top of that the record companies has owned distribution and marketing. This way they’ve made sure that they make the big bucks while the actual […]

  • In a rational way I should be blogging right now

    I found myself thinking. I need to write a blog post. After some browsing, thinking and searching I came to the conclusion. I don’t feel like writing a blog post right now. Not because I don’t know what to write about. But because I’m not inspired. I may find new energy tomorrow morning. I may […]

  • The power of yes

    Decisions is what life is about therefor decision is what communication is about. Yes. No. Maybe. Look at these three words above. Yes will move you forward. Everything you say yes to will inevitable lead to some sort of learning and ultimately to your goal. No will stop you in your tracks. But as long […]

  • If Alfred Hitchcock lived today

    As Twitter grows bigger and bigger I came to think of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds. What looks like a flock of beautiful birds end up being our worst nightmare.

  • There’s always room for innovation and here are 35 ways of forcing your brand into differentiation

    I often meet people or brands saying everything has been done and there’s no room for innovation in their bransch. Never, no, not in a million years! There is always room for product innovation. Sometimes all it takes is looking at your business from a different perspective. What the iPhone has done to the mobile […]

  • It's all an illusion

    Here’s a little something for you people out there who forgot to put enough Redbull in your drink tonight. 1. Stare at the image for 10 seconds. 2. Look at something — your hand, a book, your friend 3. Enjoy! Thank you BoingBoing.

  • Mike Arauz got branding of tomorrow wired

    Found that great qoute by Mike Arauz on Advertising Lab

  • It’s really not that hard to win once you're prepared to make a fool out of yourself

    Linus Omark, the 6th most viewed video on YouTube this week. The 6th most viewed video worldwide on YouTube this week is a video showing Swedish hockey player Linus Omark, drafted 4th by the Edmonton Oilers, scoring in a friendly exhibition game against Switzerland. Linus does what every innovator would do – he dares to […]

  • Tap into the brain of 9 great planners with the help of Leon Phang

    Sometimes I get everyday comments and sometimes I get smart and insightful ones (although I might not always agree). The later kind is not seldom served by Leon Phang – Account Planner over at Jung von Matt Sweden (one of the few agencies in Sweden that get it) and blogger on The Planning Lab. Today […]

  • This dude knows how to change!

    I am away skiing with my family so expect a ‘low frequency week’ when it comes to blog posts. The rule however is: If I’m having fun you should be having fun too! Here we go: After Tweeting this @larsthomsen tipped me about another changeling in the end of a Ted speech. Check it out! […]

  • Why should I blog about iPhone 3.0 ?

    When so many others has done the job already. Go visit them in english or swedish.

  • The mobile applications of the future…

    This morning I’m reading an article in Svenska Dagbladet about the mobile applications of tomorrow. It talks about the Swedish Mobile Life project supported by Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, Telia among others. About the same time I’m watching this video below where The Mentalists play a cover on the song Kids by MGMT on their iPhones […]

  • Steve Jobs and Apple will replace the Apple TV with a 10” wireless iMedia remote control.

    The new Apple iMedia? (isn’t it strange that Apples iTunes interface is made for exactly a 10″ screen) All over the net people are buzzing about what will come from Apple the next WWDC event in June. Reports says Apple has ordered a bunch of 10” displays that might be used to build a Tablet […]

  • WWRD – 36 things Ronnestam would do differently if he had control of brand that delivered broadband, telecom and television services

    I am sitting on a plane between Chicago and Hawaii reading Jeff Jarvis book ‘What Would Google Do, WWGD’. (after seeing a recommendation on Daytonas site). This got in me in the mood to write a blog post that gives you my point of view what the big triple play telcos should do differently if […]

  • How much responsibility should a brand like Nordiska Kompaniet have?

    In Sweden our finest shopping mall is called NK or Nordiska Kompaniet. NK was founded in 1902 by Josef Sachs and his ambition was to bring together the finest merchandise in the world under one roof. This vision still stands. I today’s morning paper (yep I still read them) this ad below advertised high fashion […]

  • In order to create something timeless you’ve gotta set Megagoals.

    The Lamborghini Miura – A timeless car What makes an object timeless? Why in some cases do we all end up liking something so much so it rises from being just another thing to instead becoming culture? Certain designs and certain objects has that little extra, they’re like an open fire – we can’t stop […]

  • Toys that makes me go wow

    When I was a young boy my passion among other things were airplanes. Big ones, small ones, fast ones & slow ones. It didn’t really matter as long as they contained some kind of innovation. Sadly most of my favorite ones were military jets. As with many other fields the army were heading the pack […]

  • History is being written in more ways than one as Pirate Bay in trial

    Right now I’m stuck in a meeting. But I just have to post quickly about Pirate Bay being on trial i Stockholm. What’s stunning with the whole thing is not the fact that media is following the trial intensely but instead it’s the everyday people who are interested. Pirate Bay has set up a site where you […]

  • You won!

    Let me tell you how you felt yesterday evening around 5PM in Stockholm, Sweden. Around 5pm you were all sitting on front row in the Swedish theater Rival where the nice people over at Daytona had reserved a seat for you. Along with another 49 nominees and about 500 in the audience you first listened […]

  • 1.5 years has passed since I spoke about 10 trends 2012 at Daytona Sessions and in 1 hours its time again – this time without me speaking.

    The 1st of November 2007 I was invited as one of the speakers at Daytona Sessions Vol 1.. Martin and Rasmus, the founders of Daytona wanted me to speak about digital communication in 2012. Said and done – I pinpointed 8 things that would happen and change digital communication in 2012. My predictions and status […]

  • It’s not about learning how to use Social media but instead learning about how to constantly change

    Twitter and microbloggning has been getting a lot of attention recently. Finally companies are learning that Twitter can get your conversation up and running. Companies are getting it. These are words that I’m reading all over the internet on many different blogs, including mine. But I need to make one thing clear. It’s not about […]

  • En intervju om sociala media i Radio Kronoberg

    Bilden kommer från Flickr konto Torsdagen förra veckan var jag nere i småland och besökte Växjö Konsthall. Det var Mikael Berg på Goodrace som hade lockat dit mig och Björn Jeffrey på Good Old för att föreläsa om kommunikation och sociala media. Goodrace hade tillsammans med Jim Davis Labs annordnat en strålande tillställning som […]

  • The last voting hours

    First of all! To all of you who have already given my your lovin’ – THANK YOU! You have turned the first month of 2009 into a beautiful one for me. Keep on recruiting more voters for your favorite Swedish marketing blog! The voting bonanza over at Daytona Yaba Awards (Best Swedish marketing blog) is […]

  • The music industry are pretty stupid

    This morning I found this video of a 15 year old girl who’s petty pissed about the fact that YouTube and Warner Brothers deleted a much appreciated video of her singing the 1934 song Winter Wonderland. This is EXACTLY what brands should NOT do. Warner Brothers – you are idiots! I personally had a video […]

  • Just came home from Barcelona but wish I was in Great Britain

    The British Royal Mail has released a set of stamps featuring British design classics. Great Britain is a wonderful country indeed. Don’t you agree? Getting a post card with one of these ‘licked’ to it would definitely put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Thanks SwissMiss for the find!

  • Why am I blogging about the Dundee Old Ancient Tartan?

    Last week was hell of a week with sick children. Then when they’ve finally have come out of it I woke up this morning with a fever. Now after coming home from a bunch of meetings I felt I have to update the blog with something intelligent, something that will appeal to my audience, something […]

  • Honest and real makes me singalong with the Super Broker Shuffle

    Freakcasting, a trend that was very common in Swedish advertising a couple of years back is something I personally dislike. Having people in a TVC just based on the fact that you think people will laugh at their real personality is the closest thing to bullying there is. We have a responsibility to be more […]

  • This is the real problem for SAAB

    I just got back from reading a post on Autoblog about Saab 9-3X and 9-5 officially confirmed for 2009 rollout. And the post is accompanied with the image above. Here lies the SAAB problem. This image is probably number 200490934782 in line that i’ve seen the last years promising me that SAAB is about to release […]

  • Wondering how to get a viral spread of that great video of yours?

    There’s a lot of talk about viral marketing through video. But given that you have produced something worth seeing, how do you actually get it on the run? Well, it’s not necessarily that easy and the biggest single mistake brands do is they believe a good little piece will take off by it self. Is that the […]

  • Busting outdoor posters with photoshop stickers

    People have always busted ads but this one where a bunch of ads featuring Britney Spears, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera outsmarts the competition in my book. Simply create a pack of stickers with different parts of Adobe Photoshop on them. Head down the subway and start busting. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dove […]

  • After all, were only humans

    Following my new years prediction it’s easy to suddenly find oneself trying to write smart posts. But there’s one thing we must never forget – communication and especially advertising is relying on loaned time. Once our target group think we become boring we loose them! Whatever you do and whatever the purpose never forget to put […]

  • Cables go f#*k yourselves

    I have been looking through videos from the CES 2009 show and apart from the Palm Pre there’s not that many things that makes me go wow! But this new invention that let’s us all cut the cables is fantastic.

  • Prediction nr:3 is coming up as Steve Ballmer talks about Focus on TV

    In november 2007 I spoke at the Daytona Sessions. I was asked to predict 10 things that would have an impact on digital communication in 2012. Nr 3 was “Advertising will move into the TV sofa again”. The trend forecast was based on the idea that both Microsoft and Apple will in one way or […]

  • Sociala media på frammarsch men social värme lyser allt mer med sin frånvaro.

    Internetworld frågade om jag ville skriva en krönika till Internetworld. Det gjorde jag och den publicerades i dagarna. Här återger jag den på min egen blogg. Adventsljusstakar och julstjärnor lös med vackert sken i våra fönster. Helgerna var fyllda av glöggfester och julstök. Det såldes mer fyrverkerier än någonsin trots strängare förbud och regler. Vi […]

  • Next year I'll be better!

    This post starts with a Thank you! Last year my blog had 48180 unique visitors (and over 130000 visits). I’m honored!  I’ve always been amazed with stadiums. You line up in a que and then you walk up a flight of stairs. A couple of steps later you’re with 50000 people. How did they all get there. […]

  • How do you innovate Christmas?

    The strongest tradition there is – X-mas. Well, I’m celebrating it in Thailand. These guys don’t give a s#*t about it. Is that innovation? I guess not. But it sure make me think about the fact that we all (at least ‘we’ as in Sweden) celebrate a tradition only because my parents did it and […]

  • gets a more user friendly user interface but I lack Innovation.

    One of the worlds most awarded websites has been redesigned. And the way is heading doesn’t come as a surprise. The new site has been give an slick, well designed user and SEO friendly interface. Many parts of the site has been moved from a flash based interface to a classical CSS based interface. Everything […]

  • The third choice

    There’s a blog called NeuroscienceMarketing. Don’t know if you read it, but every now and then they got some great insights on marketing. The other day Roger Dooley posted a short piece the other day called ‘Offer a third choice, boost sales’ that made me notice his first post ‘Decoy Marketing’. Decoy marketing is about the […]

  • A lovely print campaign from IWC and Jung von Matt

    Oh how I’d love to be in the room when the Creative Directors Daniel Frericks and Götz Ulmer pitch their idea to a 140 year old watch brand. This is a business where people stick by the rules. Big ass photography where the product is the hero. All ads look more or less the same. […]

  • A short story about love

    First, I’m going to find out what she’s like. I’m gonna spend time with her, or around her since I actually don’t know her. What food does she like, white or red wine, does she like fashion, music – what kind of music? Is she into sports and if so, which sport. If not, why? […]

  • This christmas. Lend your money to people in the developing world.

    I have just finished sending my christmas gifts. This year I’ve skipped the Porsches and the Learjets. Instead I registered an account on Apart from a loan to Ms Chhum Sreng I’ve bought loads of gift certificates. These ones became the perfect christmas gift. Kiva, that I found on is the world’s first […]

  • Impressed by Google? Fabernovel translates their strategy for you.

    Mashable directed me to this great presentation by French consulting agency Fabernovel. If you’re looking for insights on Google – this is it. In 34 slides Fabernovel has dissected the secrets behind Googles plan to take over the world. Reading this doesn’t only give you an insight into Google, but also into how to think […]

  • Thinking of visualizing things at your next event?

    Then why not be inspired by Jeep. I first spotted this about a year ago. Today when I saw it again I searched my blog. But since I hadn’t posted anything on it – here it is. This is quite an amazing way to use water to create visual effects. A computer controls how water […]

  • Branding. Lesson one by Honda.

    Its amazing how Honda continuously innovate their brand message. Don’t you think?

  • Nyhetskanalernas framtid i mobilen är ljus

    Blåst på mobila nyheter. Det är rubriken på Martin Jönssons senaste inlägg i SVD om nyhetstjänsternas framtida utmaningar. Martin menar att nyhetstjänsterna för en ojämn kamp mot allt annat som släpps på mobilen samt att det inte är nyhetsändningarna som kommer stå först i kön för vad användarna vill ha i sin mobiltelefon i framtiden. […]

  • I'm watching you!

    The good old GIF format can still convey wonderful emotions. Found on FFFFound.

  • I'm getting my daughter one of these

    Yes its paper and no, everything doesn’t have to be digital. This new camera from Zink is absolutely something my daughter would love. We all remember the wonderful feeling of shooting something with a Polaroid and then waiting for that photo to slowly appear on the paper. I do hope that Zink has built in a 30 […]

  • Star Wars holograms are no longer part of the future.

    I bumped into this post about an adidas Hologram before getting to sleep. Wow. This technology is really becoming something to consider for all kind of marketing activities.

  • Is MobileMe the iTunes killer?

    Ok. I know this may sound like a far fetched idea. But one thing that I’ve always loved is when companies managed to structurally bind me to their service or product. (I don’t love it, but I’m impressed) Think Bank. In order for me to log on and manage my bank account I have to […]

  • I don't know why, when and where…

    …but I’ll definitely end up using this photo as the basis for a future campaign. It has something powerful yet calm over it. Found it at as usual.

  • Who the hell are you

      The image above is a screenshot from my statistics software showing you the most recent searches. 9 of the latest 18 includes ‘ronnestam’ (50%) in one way or another. So I’m wondering – who are you, what are you looking for, do you represent a brand, an agency or yourselves. Sooner or later I’ll […]

  • What a funny morning. But how funny really?

    FFFFound got the good stuff as always.

  • Eniro – Tänk om, tänk nytt och tänk annorlunda

    Svenska Eniro kämpar om svenska sökmarknaden. Google, Live och Yahoo visar dock inga tecken på att tappa allt för mycket trafik, särskilt om man sätter det i relation till den mängd traditionell reklam Eniro formligen sprutar ur sig? Någon som sett en annons på stan för Google? Varför ser vi inte mer innovation kopplat till […]

  • Dion Hinchcliffe show you the innovation opportunities

    Saturday. Got my sister’s kids over. After 20 books, 10 songs and probably 10 extra visits to the toilette (without result) before the little devils finally fell asleep there’s really no room for blogging. But while waiting for one of them to fall asleep I found this great visualization of innovation opportunities on Dion Hinchcliffe’s […]

  • Boligan won at SIME but Booli is a winner in my heart

    Boligan, a site that challenges established real estate sites like Hemnet online walked of the stage with the prize for Best Internet Strategy. It’s a pity though that Booli wasn’t even among the nominated. A better site, a better strategy and a more modern way of implementing technology.

  • Why am I blogging when I’m not making any money of it…or am I?

    I attended a thing called the Blogger Meetup at SIME today where we all had informal session with Kris Hoet, Joi Ito, Tom Crampton, Dave Sifry, Nico Luma and Bob Stumpel. The talk was mostly why people were blogging, how blogging would evolve in the future and how to make money off it. Absolutely one […]

  • Björn is liveblogging from SIME (UPDATED)

    Right now on stage we have Nicholas Högberg from 3 talking about Change. Personally I do not intend to cover the SIME event on my blog. I do however expect to come back in a week or two with new insights about the future. While you’re waiting for me why not head over to Björn Alberts and […]

  • This is me and I'll be at SIME & Top100

    Följ min blogg med bloglovin On the 12th and the morning of the 13th november (tomorrow and the day after) I’ll attend the Scandinavian Interactive Media Event – SIME. I’ll also attend the Top100 event on the evening of the 12th. If you happen to be there and wanna meet up for a chat. Feel […]

  • Något för Svenska communities och sajter att inspireras av

    Föredömligt av Facebook en dag som denna. Uppdaterat Johan Jenefeldt ropade till om Starbucks. Ytterligare ett föredöme.

  • How to kick start a viral

    There’s a lot of talk about viral marketing and especially YouTube video virals. Brands and agencies seems to think that viral marketing is a viable marketing method. It COULD be. But it might just as well FAIL big time. Of course it depends on the actual video but many great virals have been doomed to […]

  • There is advertising that makes you go 'wow' and there is advertising that makes you 'noo'

    This wonderful piece made for The Red Cross and found on FFFFound definetely make me go wow. I’ve seen it before but then today it passed by my eyes when image browsing. To me this is a great idea executed in the smartest way. Wonderful thinking when it comes to integrating the logo inside the […]

  • A beautiful problem dressed in Pantone colors

    Rubriks Cube. A classic problem here portraited with pantone colors. Nice. Found at FFFFound.

  • A little article by Lars Bastholm worth reading

    Lars Bastholm and I worked together on a Nike project at Framfab back in 1999. Ever since then I’ve had a great deal of respect for the man. He’s now the Co-Chief Creative Officer at AKQA New York. The other day Lars wrote an article on Social Storytelling. Lars is commenting on the fact that […]

  • Barack Obama places advertising in Xbox Live games

    I wrote earlier today about Barack Obama and his tounge in cheek digital campaign. Then today I found through Greg Browns blog filtered that ads have started to

  • The US election will be won with small collectibles and online strategy

    When I opened my mailbox this morning yet another mail from the Barack Obama campaign machinery had landed. The header read: Deadline tomorrow: Your Car Magnet. Quirky enough to make me wonder what it was all about. I opened the mail and read: “I can tell you right now who’s going to win this election […]

  • Letar central kontor/butikslokal på ca 35-60kvm

    Eftersom jag har en egen liten mediakanal här tänkte jag bara kort berätta att jag söker en egen kontors/butik lokal med fönster mot gatan. Centralt, city, gärna Östermalm. 35-65kvm. Tips mottages tacksamt. Kontakta mig här.

  • Who do you trust?

    Watching the news as I suddenly spotted Abe. I wonder who this other guy was?

  • Damn we're small

    This image was taken by the HiRISE camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. At the time the image was taken, Earth was 142 million kilometers from Mars, giving the HiRISE image a scale of 142 kilometers (88 miles) per pixel, an Earth diameter of about 90 pixels and a moon diameter of 24 pixels. It’s a makes […]

  • Peter Jaworowski and Fonterutoli makes life easier

    Saturday. It’s half past ten and I’m working an idea for one of my new clients. The concept is pretty finished and I have this idea about how the art direction should be. As I browsed my feeds I found Peter Jaworowski from Bialystok, Poland. Peter is this great retouch, illustrator, master ‘photoshopper’. Spot on. […]

  • Damn. I'll be out of money

    But it’s worth it. Apple released their new Mac Book Pro and I was seriously thinking about buying a used one until I saw the specs on this beauty. Well at least I can say I really need the extra power, the ‘glassy’ touchpad and the unibody construction — a seamless enclosure carved from a […]

  • 50 movie posters that will bring you back in time

    I was 12 years old. My mother and father couldn’t stop me from watching. The birds, a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie that sends chills along my spine. The Smashing Magazine has gathered 50 beautiful movie posters that brings you back in time and on top of that inspires you. Get over there and enjoy

  • Ask Astronaut Greg Chamitoff anything you want.

      NASA has got of hang of new technology. When brands all around the world are talking about social press rooms, NASA takes the concept a step further. Astronaut Greg Chamitoff, aboard the International Space Station 220 miles above Earth, is taking the ordinary mans question on life up there. All you have to do is […]

  • I’m 100% digital. Notes however, stay 50% analog

    Until now I’ve been a fan of the Moleskine notebooks. However, this Action Book from Behance Outfitters made me click buy now. Now I can’t wait to get 10 of these in my snail mail box. The Action Book is part of a concept called Action Method. The pages are made of 80lb Premium Blend […]

  • Blog of Ronnestam on iPhone

    If you got an iPhone. If you every now and then visit Then you’re in for a new experience optimized for your phone. Thanks to the excellent plugin WPTouch I’ve made sure the site loads faster, is easier to use and renders better on iPhone. Now you know.

  • 2009 The year of the positive communication

      Following my earlier post today I just gotta tell you about a gut feeling I have. It’s about positivism, happiness, being nice to one another, spreading the love. For a couple of years now newspaper have reported more and more on peoples misery. TV channels has been all about putting 4 people on the […]

  • Swedish Bloggy is out there

    Last friday I had a lunch with serial entrepreneur Johan Ejermark. Among other things Johan has managed to have 30000! people report the stats from Swedish sport events in his company Everysport. A hamburger and some french fries later I was eager to get my hands on a beta login to Bloggy, a new Swedish Jaiku/Twitter clone. […]

  • Blitzkrieg has started

    It turns out there’s a plan behind everything. Microsoft launched part two of their Blitzkrieg against Apple. The strategy behind this one is obvious. Apples turned Microsoft into a boring nerd with their Apple vs PC commercials. Microsoft now puts a face on those nerds. Classic strategy. Choose an enemy. Become David and challenge Goliath. […]

  • Foreign – The End. Ronnestam – The Beginning.

    Nature is fantastic. When an apple fall dead to the ground, it’s the start of something new. In april 2002 I founded Foreign together with Viktoria Wallner. Today, I took the decision to close the company down. Did I have a choice? NO. Saving Foreign, that might have worked out. Saving myself, no. For the […]

  • Microsoft drops Jerry and Bill and strikes back at the Apple.

    According to several blogs, blogs, blogs Microsoft is shutting the Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeild down before we even got to like the guys. I’ve been writing about this campaign before. This latest campaign from the gigantic PC dragon was heading in one direction now they’re turning in another. New York Times reports Microsoft has […]

  • The please post

    I am working on a pitch where I’m putting together a summary of the brands I’ve worked with. adidas, Nike, Omega, IKEA, H&M, Kosta Boda, Ladbrokes, Com Hem, Beckers, Suunto, BMW Motorad, Betway, Vattenfall, Expressen, Nokia, MTV, ICA, Bredbandsbolaget, Yamaha, Intersport, Stadium, ETrade, Scandinavian Online, Kanal 5, SIF… And suddenly it hits me. I love […]

  • Ever wondered why you drink?

    Look no further. Here’s a nice little flick found on Swissmiss that explains why we drink in quite a creative and illustratious way. I especially like the combination of the boring voice, jumps in thought and the wrap up. The video itself also brought Current to my attention. A kind of Digg clone. Looks promising. […]

  • Spore for iPhone available now and it's the shit

    While browsing the app store today I suddenly noticed that Spore was out. Spore is this new game by the inventor of Sim City and The Sims, the most sold games in the world. It was also one of the games Apple showcased when they released the iPhone 3G. So, once I touched that screen […]

  • It's all about a warm feeling

    TBWA New York has created some wonderful TVC’s for Skittles. Last year, the Skittles Leak commercial above first caught my eye. I doesn’t really do anything else but leave a constant 2° raised body temperature. It makes me warm. When visiting Adhunt today, I found another one where this guy milks himself with a milk […]

  • A nice piece form DDB

    [singlepic=15,320] S potted this ad on Adsoftheworld. Liked the simplicity of it. A nice little storyteller.  There’s been a lot of buzz in Sweden about DDB but personally I haven’t really understood why. But when I spotted this one it makes more sense. Among others, Art Directors Viktor Arve, Ted Harry Mellström, Simon Higby and another […]

  • Microsoft pairs Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld in their latest TVC

      It appears that Microsoft has finally gotten tired of Apple’s Mac & PC TVC cause this little piece must have cost a fortune. Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld seems like the perfect match to actually give Apple a good fight. However, I’m sorry to say this new TVC doesn’t deliver. It even makes Microsoft appear more […]

  • Hand drawn qoutes

    Quite silly, but a good way to remember nice quotes. “Creativity is the opposite of routine” – Unknown.

  • After all, we're only dogs.

    It’s friday afternoon and I just gotta get this out of my head. Have you ever wondered why you enjoy having a cup of coffee? Don’t know about you, but many times a day I just feel I gotta get a cup of coffee. The same feeling occurs on a thursday and friday afternoon, but […]

  • Johan Ronnestam's new phone numbers is +46 70 654 90 10

    The other day I had to switch phone numbers since I got myself an iPhone 3G. The new number is +46 70 654 90 10. The fact that this post will be picked up by LinkedIn, Plaxo, Friendfeed, Twingly, Facebook, Jaiku, Tumblr and probably another 20 different social networking services connected to my RSS feed makes […]

  • Sorry Mr Phelps

    I was reading Mashable about Michael Phelps having one million Facebook fans dressed up with a Sports Illustrated cover with the 8 gold medalist on it. I’m really sorry for my blunt humor. But I could not resist retouching Mr Phelps a little bit. A psychologist would probably say I was stressed due to the fact that Sweden has totally […]

  • Should your creative idea be executed or not?

    Ms Swissmiss found a pretty good answer to that question on Frank Chimero’s, designer, illustrator and tinkerer from Missouri, USA, website.

  • Re-Create Classic Photos using Lego

    It’s Saturday and I’m in front of the computer, working and watching Tennis on SVT Live Play. On top of that I’m reading some blogs in my Netvibes account. Found a nice little article on Wired that is worth taking a look at.

  • Passing along the torch

    Per Robert Öhlin – Mine Goes to Eleven was sent on a mission by Judith – En timme om dagen. And now I feel obligated to pass along the torch. The mission is basic and simple. I was picked as one of Per’s favorite blogs. And therefore I should tell the world about my 7 […]

  • 8,002,530 downloads when Firefox sets a new Guinness World Record

    It’s a quite impressive number. 8,002,530 people all over the world helped Mozilla in setting the Guinness World Record that they officially achieved the record for the “largest number of software downloads in 24 hours”.  Firefox now has over 180 million users in more than 230 countries! Congratulations from one of your users. (PR tip – of course, when they make an […]

  • A comment on Nokia buying Symbian

    Read on Last100 that Nokia announced that they will buy Symbian. That’s all I have to say about that.  

  • So what is this Midsummer thing

    Today it’s Midsummer evé in Sweden. This means all Swedes go to the country side, collect flowers all day and drink all night. To round it up we all end up in the grass with someone and make love until the morning comes. Eh, or as Wikipedia explains it: Midsummer may simply refer to the period […]

  • Everything communicates

    We talk a lot about how logotypes, advertising, products, packaging, tone of voice, TV commercials, websites etc etc etc communicates the brand. But usually, the more business-oriented the purpose, the stiffer the creative executions. That’s why I just love to see infographics like these. How would the infographics look in your annual report next time if you were […]

  • Twingly turns server problems into branding

    I pointed my browser towards Twingly when I landed on an Error 500: Internal server error page. Once there I was greeted by this beautiful error message. It’s funny how a little bit of humor makes you wanna come back…even though the service actually didn’t work. This is something many of the old companies definitely can learn from. ps. […]

  • The new iPhone 3G

    I’m listening (reading) in on the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 Keynote Live Coverage over at Macrumours. Lot’s of goodies of course. But the news about the iPhone is stunning. 3G and GPS! among other things… Head over there and enjoy! Head over to Apple’s site on iPhone instead.    

  • The advertiser who forgot who he is married to

    In case you haven’t seen this video from Microsoft Advertising you should take a look. It says a lot about the challenge with modern communication-  If you have – then continue down to the second video in this post and learn about the sequel “Inspiration anyone” coming up.      

  • Football Freestyle SM has come to an end

    Let me tell you about our latest campaign for Stadium. This fall we were challenged by Stadium (Sweden largest sports retailer) to create an online campaign for the Swedish championships in Football Freestyle.  This project is extra dear to me as Stadium really listened and we got them to try social media in the way […]

  • First shock absorber on Mars?

    In case you missed it there is now a lander called Phoenix on Mars. The thing landed 17:07 local time on Mars (what the hell that now is).  This view of one of the footpads of NASA’s three-legged Phoenix Mars Lander shows a solid surface at the spacecraft’s landing site. As the legs touched down on […]

  • Microsoft is adding a 6th gear to Live search

    Caught this post the other day on Techcrunch about Microsoft’s new way of attracting search traffic. What’s impressing is that this new Live Search Cashback is both a way to attract new people to Live Search and a challenger to Pricerunner, Kelkoo, Compricer and other price comparison services.   Yesterday Techcrunch followed up on it’s […]

  • Shopping experience of tomorrow

    Quick note from London. As always I’m on the look-out for new gadgets. This time it led me to the Apple concept store on regent street. And as expected I didn’t find anything new since Apple seldom surprise you instore. The new things turn up online first. But what did make me go wow was […]

  • Adolf Hitler and his evil eyes

    I ran into the image to the left of Adolf Hitler when I suddenly noticed that if you turn his eyes up side down he looks like the devil himself. Said and done. Now his looks fits his personality.  

  • Flash 10 on it's way

    Adobe announced today that Flash 10 is on it’s way and a first beta is available of their site. The new version of the more than 10 year old animation and rich media plugin will create new possibilities for both designers and coders. From a first glance this morning the things that impresses me is […]

  • Changed theme

    In pursuit of easier readability, visibility of links I’ve tweaked a theme called Prisa 2. Hope it makes it easier to read my blog. Good night.

  • Hidden message in Ladbrokes TVC

    Don’t know if you heard about the hidden message in our new TVC for Ladbrokes. But someone has. Found this on YouTube.

  • I'll be in Livigno this weekend

    The Source, Europe’s b2b magazine for surf/snow/skate, is organizing the fourth annual snowboard industry forum from the 24-26th of April in Livigno Italy and I’m invited to speak about digital communication. If you would happen to be in the area – let me know and we’ll have chat about this and that.

  • Wikipedia on Barack Obama is 15,4 meters tall (43602px). Is that a new world record?

    I’m working on a presentation about digital marketing and as I’m gathering information on Barack Obama’s great digital campaign activities I stumbled upon the Wikipedia page about Mr Obama. And DAMN, these PR guys of his has done a great job of filling this page with information. I used Paparazzi (note, a little software tip […]

  • Varför

    Har just tittat klart på Nyheterna och fått höra att den 42-åring som varit misstänkt för bortförandet av 10-åriga Engla nu erkänt. 42-åringen har tagit Engla när hon har varit på väg hem på sin cykel och sedan dödat och grävt ner henne på en annan plats. Inga ord räcker till för att beskriva vad […]

  • Me, Kylie and the rest of the Foreign team made the finals

    Hmm. Gotta get my broadband in place at home. My blog is starting to become a mix between no posts at all and self promotion. Anyway. When an award show has got such a nice logo as The One Show does, then I can’t help bragging about Foreign making the finals. I would like to […]

  • Got Mac? Got Webkit?

    Ahhhhgrr. To much work to little blogging. But here is a quick tip if you wanna speed up your weekend. (If you’re surfing the net that is) Every heard of Webkit? It’s the platform that Apples Safari browser is built on. The cool thing is that if you go to Webkits webpage you can download […]

  • The Apathyparty Nonifesto

    I wrote a couple of days ago about our latest campaign called Now we’ve got the videos on YouTube, so I thought I’d post it here to.

  • A Swedish post about Webbstrategidagarna live.

    Idag klockan 13:30 kommer jag att tala på Webbstrategidagarna. Om du skulle råka vara där, kom gärna fram och säg hej. Tänkte jag skulle dela med mig av mitt framträdande. Så jag tar och sänder det live här:Sändningen startar idag 13:30. >Nu är det slut< Tekniken verkar fungera. Men går upp och ned eftersom Scandic […]

  • Corporate blogging could be a low-cost, high return marketing tool

    More and more companies out there spend more time blogging and less money on traditional advertising. Blogging can potentially be the perfect marketing tool for a small business IF you know how to handle it. MarketingVOX has a post for you people out there who want to know more. The post gives 10 tips. 1. […]

  • There is 9 182 927 of us

    I’m Swedish. And the Swedish population increased during 2007 with 69 670 persons. This means we’re 9 182 927 in total in this little norther country. Quite impressive that this little country can deliver great athletes, musicians, movie-stars, entrepreneurs and so on. Go Swedes go!

  • The Whopper Freak out is freaked out

    A while back I wrote about the Whopper Freak out. A great advertising solution where Burger King killed the Whopper and put peoples reactions on TVC – all to see on their campaign site. However, now about two month later it’s cool to see that the number one listing when you search for Whopper Freakout… […]

  • A great post on car logos

    So you think you got it covered when you say – “Don’t touch the logo”. Heck the guys over at SAAB obviously forgot that rule. But on the other hand. Rules are meant to be broken! Car fan as I am I’m spending quite some timing reading car blogs. Then in the middle of everything […]

  • A golden gift for my feed readers

    Thanks for tuning in! Don’t forget to spread the word. That would make me and my wife happier…me cause I like blogging…her because she’s pissed of when I’m up at 5:00 in the morning in front of my computer.

  • Simple but addictive

    Every now and then you get a link in your inbox that makes you play around more than usual. A lot of the times the idea is simple yet innovative. This little “Happy New Year” site made by an Agency called Mono is exactly that. Thanks Greg!

  • Polaroid is eh…back

    This is soo fun. Polaroid were getting a lot of attention at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show for their latest mobile printer. This little thing fits into your pocket. So when you’re on the road and you’re snapping a great shot, get your mobile polaroid and print on demand. Well, before you know it, […]

  • It did.

    Found on FFFound

  • Denmark (it's a country) is shutting Pirate Bay down – is this a start of a new era?

    Tele 2 in Denmark has been ordered by a Danish court to shut down the access to Pirate Bay today. This is not the first time Denmark blocks a site. They did it last year when they shut down Allofmp3. However, the fact that they are continuing to do this shows that it’s now starting […]

  • What will the future look like? (Or at least 2008 when it comes to digital communication)

    Well. I’m not sure I have the answer even though I tried to answer the question a couple of weeks ago. Others have too, and I’ve especially think two of them are closer than others. So if you wanna get some insights on what’s behind the horizon you should visit these guys and read it. […]

  • It's time to apply for Konstfack 2008

    Konstfack is the Swedish university collage of arts, crafts and design. It dates back to 1818. And to get more students to apply in 2008, a movie has been created to draw attention to the school. The movie is directed by RGB6 in Sweden. It seems they’ve used a high speed camera to make it. […]

  • A gothic and strange explanation of the Idea process in Swedish

    Sometimes when you’re about to go to sleep you come up with more or less intelligent ideas. Yesterday was one of those days. I started to write on a Swedish text about developing ideas. However, the text came to life and the end result wasn’t really what I expected. But it’s kind of quirky and […]

  • It's Friday and I've popped a bottle of Old Rowley from The Islanders Estate

    Not everything is about communication. Wine is important to. Good wine even more so. So, I’m at home making meatballs with pasta for my youngest daughter Ebba and I’ve popped a bottle of Red Wine that I bought of a wine club online. And what a wine. The smell, the taste and the pure look […]

  • Apple air isn't the biggest news

    This may be the most worthless reporting on the Apple Air released today. Noticed that they’ve started to use a thin font for the first time 🙂 Ahhh…I know. I couldn’t resist.

  • HP, Wetpaint and Jake Burton made me contribute

    It’s funny what makes you tick. I was reading this post on ReadWriteWeb today when this banner caught my eye. Initially it caught my eye cause I wanted to find out what HP was doing. It turned out they was using the Wetpaint wiki tool for a campaign targeted towards smaller and medium sized companies. […]

  • Bill Gates leaving Microsoft (for the last time?)

    Found this video over at Henriks blog of Bill Gates leaving Microsoft.

  • Last tip of 2007

    Looking forward to another year filled with tips, links, ideas, images, new stuff and new friends. Happy New Year!

  • Netscape – Rest in peace

    Yesterday Netscape announced on their blog: End of Support for Netscape web browsers The fact that Netscape end their support for their web browsers marks the end of an era. My first browser was the Mosaic. Back in 93´there weren’t that many to choose from. But in 94′ Netscape 1.0 was launched and shortly after […]

  • Fake Steve plays tricks with Apple

    Have you heard about Fake Steve? If not, Fake Steve is this guys who runs a blog where he’s impersonating Steve Jobs. And lately it seems that he has pissed Apple off. Fake Steve is funny, but what’s even more funny, or interesting is the word, is how you all over the web can see […]

  • Merry Christmas

    A very merry christmas to you all. I’ll be back before New Year’s with a review of my own 2007. 

  • Do not read while driving…

    On my way home in a cab the other day the GPS in the cab suddenly popped this message above while we were driving. “Attention – Only use this interface when the car is standing still. It is important that you keep your eyes on the road when you are driving! Since the trafic situation […]

  • Pantone selects color of the year for 2008

    Wondering what clothes to wear, what car to buy, diamonds or gold? As long as there’s some Blue Iris in it you’ll be home safe. Pantone has been the world’s color authority for more than 45 years. And every year they forecast which color will be the ONE color for designers the year that comes. […]

  • Ipod earrings

    Yesterday we had our annual Christmas party at Foreign. Ulrika, one of our AD’s was smartly dressed with earrings to match. Ipod Shuffle clipped on to her ears. Fantastic usage.

  • Hans Lindström portraits the ICA scandal

    In Sweden, the leading food-chain ICA has been caught with their pants down while repackaging old meat and selling it to consumers. Swedish Illustrator Hans Lindström throws some gas on the fire. And I’m glad stand by and watch it burn.

  • How to convince someone that Internet has and will continue to change our lives

    I still meet people every now and then who are skeptical towards the Internet and what impact it has had and will have on our future. Being a true internet evangelist I off course try to save them and turn them into believers. But as I bring my arguments forward people start to think I’m […]

  • Celebrate St Lucia tomorrow…on Aftonbladet

    Tomorrow morning Aftonbladet will introduce a brand new format on the first page.  We’ve done some work for Com Hem. And as a result of that Aftonbladet has done some changes to it’s first page. Happy Lucia.

  • adidas Women – Best in Show at W3 awards.

    I’m extra happy today since Foreign got news that we won Best in Show for our work on adidas Women in the category Lifestyle at W3 Awards. Apart from that we also was awarded for the following projects: Adidas Stella McCartney – Fashion Adidas Stella McCartney – Sports Adidas Women – Fashion Adidas women – […]

  • You already know I'm a fan of Idol

    But now I’m all confused. Amanda and Marie kicked the shit out of Globen.  It’s like choosing between apple and pears. Go girls! 

  • Youtube puts Video Holiday Card in place

    I was browsing for some movies this morning on Youtube when I noted this button. It takes you to a page where you can create your own Video Holiday Card. Nice touch ….well, that was it. Off you go!

  • Passing your plugins along

    Richard Gatarski is generous as always and set an example by publishing the WordPress plugin he is using to make his blog more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. It’s the All in One SEO Pack from Überdose. I’ll follow Richard’s example. Here are my other plugins. NextGEN Gallery A NextGENeration Photo gallery Get it here […]

  • Same same but different as Gabor Palotai and Grey Tel Aviv creates.

    Everything has been done. In 2005 Designer Gabor Palotai came up with an awarded poster for the exhibition Estonia at the Sjöhistoriska museum in Sweden. Now, 2 years later Jonathan Stirin and Ben Sever, both employees at Grey Tel Aviv has come up with a set of ads for Greenpeace. The resemblance is striking, but […]

  • Ken Hauser scares the hell out of me

    Ken Hauser from Amsterdam has created som killer graphics. This being one of the most provocative ones. Check out more of his work.

  • I'll break it to you. I'm a fan of IDOL

    And at the moment we have a break for TV advertising. Who the hell gives a damn… I thought I should make more use of the 7 minutes time-out. VOTE for Marie Picasso and Amanda Jenssen. Thanks for voting! Looking forward to the final next friday in Stockholm Globen. 

  • is live. We're bringing football to China

    A couple of weeks ago one of my startup’s, was launched in China. About one and a half year ago, me, Henrik Barck and Claes Bourghardt set out on a mission to bring football to China. Our idea was to gather some of the best teams in the world and build a football portal […]

  • Dieter Rams 10 commandments on good design

    Good morning. Before you get into your daily routines. Sit back and relax and read Dieter Rams 10 commandments on good design: 01. Good design is innovative 02. Good design makes a product useful 03. Good design is aesthetic 04. Good design helps a product to be understood 05. Good design is unobtrusive 06. Good […]

  • SIME…get your things right

    I’ll break it to you right away. I’m not a big fan of SIME. SIME was one of the key events back in 99′ before the bubble burst. Then they spent quite many years hiding somewhere close to where Santa Claus lives. Now SIME is sort of back…in a new costume…updated…with interesting seminars…NOOO. SIME, much […]

  • $1.5 trillion. That's a good cause as any

    $1.5 trillion is how much United States of America has spent on it’s war in IRAQ according to a report at BBC News. I don’t know how to say it except for: Stop. Just stop. Stop it I said! What’s your f#*’#n problem. Stop! Why the hell don’t you just stop! Stop your god damn […]

  • My new Suunto T4

    Today I got my new Suunto T4 with a GPS Pod and Hearth Monitor. Off course I could not resist trying it out immeadiatly. Said and done. I took of on a 7.5k run. 44 minutes! later I got the result that I’m over achieving…I gotta get shaped. Anyway, It works like a clock (should […]

  • Turbo 3G is The Shit

    A new dawn is rising.  I’m on vacation. We’re spending most of it in the Swedish archipelago. Thousands of remote islands outside of Stockholm. Usually I’m out here cut of from the civilisation. Well, at least cut of from Internet and work. This spring however, most mobile operators in Sweden has launched Turbo 3G. And […]

  • Facebook attracts 1,000 developers a day

    ZDNet Australia reports that In less than a month, Facebook has attracted more than 40,000 developers who have already created around 1,500 applications for the social networking platform. At the Facebook Developer Meetup in New York last week, the mood was summed up by a clean-cut young entrepreneur who had written “I NEED AN APP” […]

  • A room with a view

    Room 860 in the Savoy, London. This is where the blog started. I’m off to a meeting followed by a dinner tonight. Then back to Sweden tomorrow. Spent some time to find a nice but simple template for my blog and ran into this Hemingway Reloaded by Andre at

  • Awards 2003 – 2007

    In 2002 I was part of founding the Foreign Digital Advertising agency. Here’s a list of the awards I’ve been part of winning between 2003 and 2007 (so far). I’ll post the 2008 awards later. 2007 New York Festivals, Finalist Award Winner 2007, “FedKit Germany”, adidas International. Category: Interactive & Alternative Media New York Festivals, […]

  • A campaign site for BMW motorrad

    BMW Motorrad presents the Beauty and The Beast, all embodied in one terrific creature. Foreign presented the website. BMW Motorrad was ready to prove to the world that German design is in all ways equal to that of their celebrated technological prominence. Combining the true aesthetics of beauty and power, the R 1200 S proves […]

  • A magazine-styled online publication for football fans in 26 countries and 18 languages.

    Adidas felt the need to communicate with football fans all over the globe; give them a sense of belonging to an international community and a place where they can find information on a great variation of football topics, injecting excitement into the category. Challenge To keep the publication interesting month after month with updated material, […]