What's Up?

It is Saturday morning. The summer is slowly coming to an end even though I’m still waking up way to early due to the light. I’ve had the privilege to have quite some time off with my family. Only one project has been running over the summer.

My youngest daughter Linn trying out her new fishing rod in the evening light
What’s up, that’s the question I’m asking myself right now. What’s the next big thing. What comes after Facebook and Twitter, when will YouTube be challenged, what’s the next hype after the iPhone, we’ve lived for quite some time now with Playstation, XBOX and WII. And what ever comes next, how will that change the way we communicate and sell brands and their products.
I’m searching deep inside myself to find something that shows me the way. Some spark of energy that I can nurture to bring it out in the open. Something that will light the fire that will guides me.
Whatever it is I’m sure it will be as easy to adapt to as the iPhone, it will be as social as Facebook, it will be as entertaining as the first Halo was, it will be as real as a piece of wood and it will be as eco-friendly as something we’ve never seen before.
I hope it hits the car industry cause to be honest, nothing has really transformed that business the last 50 years. I do hope it hits the home appliances industry cause things seems to be standing still there too. I’d love for the tourism industry to change. Not to mention the toy industry, please give me something that makes me and my kids have super fun. Oh please give me a new favorite restaurant. Hmm, beverages. Isn’t it time we found something that truly challenged Coca Cola. Just give me something new!
I think I can see the light…somewhere deep inside.
On monday morning I’m slowly getting back to work. I’m really looking forward to that. See you soon!



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