In 10 years from now you will…


  • …have the opportunity to be a passenger in your own driverless car.
  • …own storage of material for your 3D printer.
  • …not need to carry a credit card.
  • …have two or three mobile phones or whatever you’ll call them.
  • …control all electronics in your house with your mobile.
  • …be talking to a Japanese in Japanese without know japanese.
  • ….log everything you do to different databases online.
  • …drive a car that doesn’t run on gasoline.
  • …have a robot that will mow your lawn, clean your house and do your laundry.
  • …hear of the first human being who have turned 150 years old.
  • …spend more time than ever shopping for fresh food and no time at all shopping for stuff you don’t care about.
  • …have a drone following you with a camera when you do sports.
  • …see how robots have started to replace the 3rd world human workers in the world.
  • …wear safety products that reinvents your way of practising sports.
  • …think using your voice, brain and pupils to control things is normal.

I’ll still be surfing and my oldest daughter will turn 18 years old.
We’re soon there!