The Whopper Freak out is freaked out

A while back I wrote about the Whopper Freak out. A great advertising solution where Burger King killed the Whopper and put peoples reactions on TVC – all to see on their campaign site.
However, now about two month later it’s cool to see that the number one listing when you search for Whopper Freakout… get.. the Whopper Freakout! (Ghetto Version). This new spoof ad has already hit the 2 million mark while the original TVC from Burger King hasn’t reached more than 300 000 viewings.

A good example on how you can never be sure what happens when you put your advertising online. On the other hand you could’nt be sure what people said about your advertising offline eiter. The difference is that online the public oppinion is more transparent and more visible.
In this case though it seems that someone has taken the opportunity to tag along a great TVC and put their content online with the same name to pull traffic to their own cause. A common way to pull attention to something on YouTube.