And now for another crowdsourcing experiment

The Japanese group Sour was about to create a new music video for their latest song ‘Hibi no Neiro’. What to do?
Get some fans together from around the world, put them in front of a web-cam and let them co-create the video for you. Once you’re done – put it on YouTube and another 7 days later you have quarter of a million people lovin’ your music.
I don’t think it will be the same hype as the Ok Go video but it will sure spread like wildfire.
Updated: Jonathan Sulo linked to this post and in his comments I found another great example of crowdsourcing. Erik Torsner suggested we should feast our eyes on the Eternalmoonwalk, a tribute to the late Michael Jackson. I of course went over there and submitted a video myself. Another great example, not as controlled as the Sour video but still a great idea.