Turbo 3G is The Shit

A new dawn is rising. 
I’m on vacation. We’re spending most of it in the Swedish archipelago. Thousands of remote islands outside of Stockholm. Usually I’m out here cut of from the civilisation. Well, at least cut of from Internet and work. This spring however, most mobile operators in Sweden has launched Turbo 3G. And Turbo it is. By simply plugging in a little sandwich shaped plastic bit into my USB I’m online with 3.6 mbps connection from anywhere. And it works like a dream.
The last couple of years we haven’t seen that many things that really will rock the world. But this Turbo 3G is what will rock us all. Having broadband access where ever you are really makes working remote possible. One would think that makes us all stressed, usually I am by always being online. But having broadband access everywhere means you don’t have receive any mails on your Blackberry with attachments you cannot download.  So, if you live in a country that have mobile turbo 3G. Go and get it.