Is MobileMe the iTunes killer?

Ok. I know this may sound like a far fetched idea. But one thing that I’ve always loved is when companies managed to structurally bind me to their service or product. (I don’t love it, but I’m impressed) Think Bank. In order for me to log on and manage my bank account I have to use that stupid little black thing that I enter some codes into. The thing is that as long as I have to do just that, its a little bit harder for me to switch bank.
Today as I was browsing my feeds I noted that Apple has released iTunes 8.02 Then it hit me. I haven’t been using it for about three weeks. Before I always had to connect my iPod or iPhone so that I could sync data. Of course I did it to sync music too, but data was the main driver. Since I started using MobileMe and Dropbox to sync my data, contacts and calendars I haven’t really felt the need to connect via cable. I’ve also started using Spotify for music and some other live apps on my iPhone. 
Basically, that structural binding between me and iTunes is getting weaker.
So, will I stop me from using iTunes?
I don’t know yet. But I’ve definitely moved away from that product that has been the sole music player in my computer for the last 8 years or so and its because of Apple themselves. If Spotify manages to get an app through the gates of hell (Apples people validating the iPhone apps) then I’m pretty sure iTunes is smoked except when configuring my iPhone account.
Structural bindings. That’s something to consider when creating new services.