Here are two art project that shines a light on life and the internet

Ok, so you’re an artist studying at an art school. It’s time to graduate and you really wan’t some publicity. What do you do?
In Sweden a student named Anna Odell, studying at Konstfack decided to shine a light on how the society handles people that are physical disabled. In her piece of art ‘Okänd, kvinna 2009–349701’ (Swedish) – she staged a repetition of her own psychosis 10 years earlier. When pretending to take here life she got taken care of by the police and placed into compulsory institutional care. What they didn’t know was the fact that she covered the whole thing with a hidden camera for her graduation project. I haven’t really made up my mind if I like the piece of art or not. The fact that she’s been having a real psychosis before makes me think it’s all revenge.
In Amsterdam, Sander Veenhof had another idea for his graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam. Sander designed an interactive greenhouse in which a bouquet of ‘graduation flowers’ is growing.

Cool project, but get that damn camera fixed!
What’s pretty cool with this project is the fact that the plant need social media attention in order to grow. A greenhouse control system converts all online publicity into plant growth by switching on the grow-lights when someone gives the project some digital attention. Basically – the more people mention his project, blog about it, bookmark it or in any other way influence it’s Google rank – the more the plant grows. So, right now I’m gardening the damn thing but I think Sander and his flower is worth it. Tweet this post and you’ll be making art too.



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