Here you go. My Netvibes feeds again!

netvibes-feeds-ronnestamNetvibes. Still my favorite feed reader. 
Back in 2008 I wrote a blog post telling you how I used Netvibes to monitor tons of blogs. Then in 2011 I wrote a blogpost teaching you how I “stay ahead of the competition“.
Now the time has come again to share some love. I’ve uploaded my updated XML file for you here to download. ‹‹ Right click to download and then head to Netvibes, open an account if you haven’t got one and then import the .XML file. Then you’re ready to start building tabs. For mobile reading I use Flipboard so once you’re done with Netvibes. Why not import it into Google Reader and then use it inside Flipboard for a great experience.
Oh, and if you believe in ‘sharing is caring’, Please spread this blogpost so that more people can get their hands on my feed!