A Brand New Branded Day

Eyes open. My hands reach for my iPhone. Damn! The Night Stand app tells me it’s only 5:15 AM and I’m already awake.
Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been waking up early. As the brain slowly comes to life I’m performing my morning routine on my iPhone. First a quick check on my mails to see if something happened. I don’t like walking of to the shower wondering if there’s something I should have attended to. Echofon quickly brings me up to date on Twitter and potential mentions or messages. Sweet, @MIACOTH and @pellewiman has pushed some traffic my way. It brings a smile to my face. I head into the Facebook app to see what’s up the. As usual most friends are asleep at this time. Even Joakim who usually is my partner in crime when it comes to waking up early. Jerry on the other hand just got to bed while listening to Spotify. I pay a visit to my Mint statistics account to get an idea whats been go. A couple of hundred visitors have passed by my blog during the night. About 60 of them unique, that’s an honor. As the day passes another eight hundred people will come by if things are normal.
Hmm, my tapping on the iPad keyboard wakes my two and a half year old daughter up. Dressed in that sweet Pippi Longstockings night gown she goes “Dad, I wanna paint on the pad” She says. Not now darling, go back to sleep! It’s 5:45AM. Doesn’t work. I hand her the iPhone and she quickly navigates to the Sketch Book Pro app by Autodesk and starts painting what looks like a house.
I get up.
Off to the bathroom. A quick shower. The Aquafitness shower gel from Biotherm does the job and turns me into a shiny star. After having dried myself with a fluffy Lexington towel I cover my face in Gilette Fusion Hydra Foam and grab hold of my electrical razor from the same brand. A quick shave and some Clarins Men Gel Hydratant Moisture Gel turns my skin soft and young, or at least the ads said so.
Mr Frank Dandy makes sure I’ve got the right underwear on. Today they’re sort of military green. I quickly jump into a pair of LEE jeans I bought a while back at Åhlens in Stockholm Town. Socks from Happy Socks and a t-shirt with some sort of mad bunny bought at the TSHIRT store and I’m of to eat breakfast.
I’m not much of a breakfast lover except for when I stay at hotels. Radisson, now there’s a breakfast for ya! But, back to my non-hotelly looking breakfast. A slice of Pågen LingonGrova with some Bregott butter and a slice of Falbyggdens 1878 cheese on top. Brämhults freshly squessed juice ad at least a little bit of that Radisson breakfast feel to it. I finish off with a freshly brewed cup of Nespresso.
07:05 it’s time to clean up the mess left behind by my daughters and drink a glass of water poured from our Alessi tap and put things back into my LG fridge before heading go the daycare center. I pay a quick visit to the toilette to brush my teeths. Still tired from waking up early I watch my self steering the Braun 3D Excel covered with some Colgate toothpaste over my teeth. Before leaving the bathroom I’m adding a little bit of shape to my hair using the REF333 that my hairdresser recommended the other week. Almost done.
07:42 I pull on my WE Jacket and a pair of Converse sneakers bought at Sneakers’nStuff. On my shoulder – my Timbuk 2 cycle bag containing my Macbook Pro, a specially ordered notebook from the Behance Network called the Action Book, the iPad and a small remote control from Logitech that I use for presentations.
I’m out the door. Kids packed in to my Audi A4 and a new branded day begins. Or, continue that is.

This is the world you wanna squeeze your brand into.