The most worthless question and the question to die for!


What are you doing tomorrow?

Now that’s a worthless question. You have no idea if you’re even alive tomorrow. Far too many people expect great things in the future but they’re not living today. You might say that goals are ok and of course they are, I’ve got tons of them. But it’s the journey that makes life worth living. Not the destination. The destination is merely a confirmation that you’ve finished your journey and need to get going on a new adventure.
Almost every time I read or listen to an interview with an old woman or man I hear “I wish I….more of….why didn’t I…I should have…”
We are born, we are raised and our creativity is taken out of us, step by step. We learn to follow rules, what is right and wrong, how to behave, what can and can’t be done. Then we spend most of our grown lives trying to follow all those rules. Trying to behave… We grow older. We admire people who’re doing something unique. We call that inspiration without thinking about the fact that doing something unique equals not following rules. An invention, an idea, a step forward, freedom…Slowly however we understand that every time we break those rules we actually gain something. Then suddenly life has passed and we’re like that old woman or man who are thinking about the things they should have done in life. The sooner we understand that tomorrow is not the answer to a better life, the sooner we’ll live our lives today.

What are you doing today?

Now that’s the question to die for! You can make a difference in your life today, not tomorrow.
(I’m about to spend time with my kids now)
Thank you Sarah for inspiring me to write todays blog post!



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