The mobile applications of the future…

This morning I’m reading an article in Svenska Dagbladet about the mobile applications of tomorrow. It talks about the Swedish Mobile Life project supported by Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, Telia among others.
About the same time I’m watching this video below where The Mentalists play a cover on the song Kids by MGMT on their iPhones and iPod Touches, using only apps downloaded from the Apple App Store. Apps used Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth, DigiDrummer Lite.

Isn’t there something familiar with the techno set up? Here’s the for ever cult band Kraftwerk performing The Model in German TV

So, the question is, should Mobile Life focus on building their own applications of the future or provide an open applications platform of the future? To me the answer is quite obvious.
ps. Isn’t this quite a good marketing gig for The Mentalists by the way. 474,271 viewings on this YouTube video in 3 weeks.



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