I Am Free. You Are Free. We Are All Free!

I was born into this world as free as any child. No religion, no political point of views, no ideas about what was right or wrong. Nothing. Just free. And I screamed!

Me – around two years old walking our dog named Gorko.
Then, just as you, I was brought home, fed, raised and I started to grow. Depending on where in the world we live, who bring us up and what happens around us we’re shaped. We’re shaped not into what we want but into a mix of what our parents, friends and the society wants.
Since then I’ve been trying to break free. Not from it all. There are tons of things I never want to be free off, but also tons of things I’d like to leave behind.
The most interesting journey lays ahead of me. It is covered in darkness. You and I call it the future. The future, that’s what I want to shape all by myself. I want it to be built on my beliefs, my ideas and my thoughts. I want to succeed. I’m willing to fail. But I’m not willing to let you shape it for me. In fact I’m prepared to fight the rest of my life to stay free and true to my own beliefs. This is what drives me. The continious strive for freedom. Not money. Not status. Pure freedom.
Some people say I don’t listen, but I do! I’ll listen to what you have to say but I’ll decide for myself. That freedom – I’ll fight for it the rest of my life.
Maybe Robyn says it best: “Don’t fucking tell me what to do!
Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do by robyn



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