Branding is all about making people smile or cry

The one thing that should direct all your branding activities is exactly that. Make people smile or cry, crying as in touching someones heart. To many communication activities go by without anyone caring for them or the product they communicate.
Here are 7 quick ones on branding:

  1. Create products or services that solves a real problem that matters to people.
  2. Design the product/service so that it touches the heart of the user. Never compromise with product design.
  3. Package the product beautifully.
  4. Take beautiful pictures and write beautiful texts.
  5. Create communication that makes people smile or cry, in all channels.
  6. Prepare for global impact and sell tons of products/services
  7. Create more fantastic products.

Last but not least. If you’ve got a fantastic product that people will love both for the use and the looks of it – don’t create complex marketing activities. People just needs to see it in order to want it.