Blitzkrieg has started

It turns out there’s a plan behind everything. Microsoft launched part two of their Blitzkrieg against Apple. The strategy behind this one is obvious. Apples turned Microsoft into a boring nerd with their Apple vs PC commercials. Microsoft now puts a face on those nerds.

Classic strategy. Choose an enemy. Become David and challenge Goliath. Goliath you say, isn’t that Microsoft? No I say. Since Apple started bullying Microsoft they’ve slowly turned themselves into Goliath. Steve Jobs has basically given Bill Gates the opportunity to strike back from below. What can we expect from Apple now that Microsoft has disarmed the entire Mac vs PC thing. Or have they?
I still lack online activities in this campaign. After all. Microsoft is a PC company. They’re about online presence and they own a good part of Facebook. One things that there should have been something they’ve could have done there since we make up a bit over 100 million Faces.
One thing. The TVC that started the whole Microsoft discussion, the one with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Was there a plan to do something quirky in order to create a global debate only to pave the road for these commercials. In that case it’s genius. Cause I’m not sure they would have gotten the same attention if these would have been launched without that support.



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