Do you remember what…

…sport you loved when you were a teenager?
…name your first love had?
…your favorite playground looked like when you were a kid?
…games you used to play after school?
…your favorite color was when you were young?
…music you listened to?
…how your childrens room looked like?
…authors you used to read?
…color your first bike was?
…movies you liked as a young boy or girl.
…your first kiss?
I do.

Do you remember what…
…your math teacher in 8th grade was called?
…what the president of your school looked like?
…the name your of history book was?
…you loved about going to school?
…your school did to make you more creative?
…kind of subjects in school focused on making you open minded?
…your favorite exam was in school?
…teachers did to make you find your own solutions?
…sense it made that you were not aloud to use your calculator in math?
…your teachers did to teach you computing?
…you loved about homework?
…your second, third and fourth school teacher was called?
…the single most memorable moment of going to school was?
I don’t.
Isn’t this the problem with the education system? We all go there for years and years and it’s just a long process that sooner or later wear us all out cause it’s not fun enough, it’s not on our terms and we HAVE to go there cause someone says so, not because we understand how it will benefit us.
I was born 1971. Since then art, architecture, sports, industrial design, technology, food, cities, transportation, textiles, medecins…yes…practically everything in our society has evolved…except what we teach our children and in many senses how we teach them stuff. Politicians still go blah blah blah about national exams and grades when they instead should focus truly reinventing our education system.
After all, isn’t the question how we prepare our kids of today for a future that is nothing like today?



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