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  • Do you remember what…

    …sport you loved when you were a teenager? …name your first love had? …your favorite playground looked like when you were a kid? …games you used to play after school? …your favorite color was when you were young? …music you listened to? …how your childrens room looked like? …authors you used to read? …color your […]

  • A Sustainable Plan And My Point Of View

    Challenge the establishment. That’s what you should do if you’re young and don’t really have to care about being fired. (Actually that’s what you always should do!) That’s exactly what the students over at Berghs School of Communication have done this year once again. Their contribution to an often shallow advertising world is driving sustainability. […]

  • Students get it. When will brands do?

    This year when the students at Berghs School of Communication graduate they sum up their examination exhibition like this: No one reads ads. People read what is interesting. How do we become interesting? We create news instead of advertising. Instead of having a regular examination exhibition they’ve launching a live news channel the 27th of […]