SIME…get your things right

I’ll break it to you right away. I’m not a big fan of SIME.
SIME was one of the key events back in 99′ before the bubble burst. Then they spent quite many years hiding somewhere close to where Santa Claus lives. Now SIME is sort of back…in a new costume…updated…with interesting seminars…NOOO. SIME, much like the bear that sleeps all through the vinter has risen from it’s winter lair with the same people, the same telecom/tv focus and the same boring conference schedule. “The most important event of the year“…my ass.
Please SIME. Get your buts over to Web 2.0 seminars in New York. Travel to Cannes Lions in Cannes. Or what the heck…just head over to Gröna Lund and think for a couple of seconds about what makes people having fun.
I do appriciate the initiative, but there is soo much more to do. Fancy names just doesn’t do it anymore. We want more.
Last but not least. Live the dream…
[singlepic=4,150,,,left]When you click “View more people at SIME 07” you end up at a Polar Rose where the first thing you see is Annie Wegelius and Johan Steal von Holstein. And they’re both named “Unknow Person” Well, Person at least is a Swedish name. But Unknown…I don’t think soo.