Follow your inner voice!

When you seek to brand a company, product or service you always start with the reason for being. In the same way you should always look for your reason for being when you think about your next chapter in life. Not which company you aim to work with or business idea you want to bring to life – but strive to do things grounded in you, your beliefs, your values and what triggers you as a human being.
I’m curios, I like change, I like to start things, I love beautiful objects, I love nature, I like to laugh, I love to work with great people, I like to pop ideas and make them come alive, I don’t like authorities, I want to control my day, I like to follow impulses, I like to follow my instincts without thinking to much, I like to meet lots of different people, I like to create things out of nothing and I like to do things fast.
Based on these things I look for personal challenges. I don’t give a f#€k about where I work and who I work with as long as it’s in line with my personality.
Don’t follow money or nice titles – Follow your inner voice, show others where you’re heading and the rest will come!



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