Microsoft drops Jerry and Bill and strikes back at the Apple.

According to several blogs, blogs, blogs Microsoft is shutting the Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeild down before we even got to like the guys. I’ve been writing about this campaign before. This latest campaign from the gigantic PC dragon was heading in one direction now they’re turning in another.
New York Times reports Microsoft has decided to get back at Apple. The next step of the campaign, which begins today and carries the theme “Windows. Life without walls,” will move away from the Jerry & Bill direction and instead attack Apple head on. A quite often used strategy from Crispin Porter & Bogusky. The same agency is according my opinion one of the few traditional agencies that really understands online. Something they’ve proven with their work for Volkswagen and Burger King among others. So, I’m looking forward to see how digital channels will be incorporated into this campaign.
Apparently the latest campaign will feature new stars like Eva Longoria, the author Deepak Chopra and the singer Pharrell Williams. But the stars of the show will be ordinary people mixed with employees from Microsoft. Bill Gates will still be featured, but more like a sidekick.
It’s obvious iTunes, MacOsx, Ipods, Macbooks etc has shaken Microsoft as one of the new ads will feature a…eh Apple PC character look alike that says: “Hello, I’m a PC, and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”
As stated before. How this campaign evolves and the debate that follows will be one of the most interesting things to follow this year. And since it’s now obvious that Microsoft will start getting back at Apple’s I’m a PC campaign, the war is on. Where this ends, god (Steve or Bill?) only knows.



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