Microsoft pairs Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld in their latest TVC

It appears that Microsoft has finally gotten tired of Apple’s Mac & PC TVC cause this little piece must have cost a fortune.
Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld seems like the perfect match to actually give Apple a good fight. However, I’m sorry to say this new TVC doesn’t deliver. It even makes Microsoft appear more boring than they already appear.
When you hire someone like Jerry Seinfeld to star in your commercial you either end up getting the best advertising in the world or, like in this case, the worst. To feature such a famous star raises the expectations to a level that is hard to match. We all remember how loved Seinfeld was when the TV show was still running. I wonder if the guys that came up with this idea realized that the TVC has to top that, otherwise we all get disappointed, and that disappointment will in the end infect the brand.
Good try though, Try again.